Monday, December 15, 2008

Personalize a scrapbook

Or how to make Christmas gifts at the last minute from stuff you have lying around.
Sometime over the last year I bought a fabric covered scrapbook (one of those huge ones) for $3 bucks on clearance. I stuffed it in the sewing room thinking it would be useful one day.

And now that I am absolutely scrambling to make the cheapest Christmas gifts possible, I decided to use it for my mom.

This is actually the back, but it gives you an idea of what it looked like when I bought it. (The little heart was my "test" to see if this would actually work or not.)
I cut out letters from those 5 inch fabric squares that I did a swap with. (2 years ago? It was a long time ago, but that is the most useful swap ever.)

Then I ironed them onto the scrapbook using Steam-A-Seam.

If you want to make one of your own:

*Do the test on the back to make sure the scrapbook won't melt. There will be a bit of a stink as the glue holding the original fabric cover on gets hot.

*Don't use the hottest iron you can, go slowly.

*Don't use Steam-A-Seam II or light or anything like that. You need a hardcore fusible web because you cannot sew the letters onto the scrapbook.

Jack and I will fill it up later with all those preschool crafts he brings home that I have no clue what to do with (and he gets VERY upset if I suggest recycling *some* of them, I do keep some of them for his folder) and some of the doubles of the photos I get printed at Costco.

(As if I ever get photos printed anymore! HA! The last ones I have are from May. Man, I am behind on life.)

Now go! Get busy making Christmas joy.


  1. This is such a good idea!!

  2. That is such a good idea!

    I only have one in school, but I know how much they hate their 'work' thrown out. I have a white wicker basket that we put everything into at the end of the day and (in a perfect world) I empty it every week (but really, it's more like every month or so), while she's sound asleep at night.

    She knows I save a bunch of her work, so when she can tell the basket has been sorted through, I just tell her that I put it away for her when she gets bigger. She has no idea how much of it I toss! (I make sure to empty the trash immediately!) And, truthfully, she'll never know.

    When she's asked to see it later, I just say that 'it's put away' upstairs where it's 'safe' and won't get wrecked. Saves on the heartache for her and the 'sanity' for me - no more piles and piles of her work lying around.

    ~ Jennifer

  3. OMG, my kids called my mom oma too...and seeing that almost brought me to tears. My kids miss their Oma so much.


  4. We call my mom and step dad Oma and Opa! My mom was born in Germany and my grandma had a serious German accent! I miss her and all her crabbiness LOL! On another note Gina's scrapbook from her first year of life is made from the very same pink gingham scrapbook. I used heatnbond to affix her name to it. Great, cheap,thrifty, crafty minds think alike :) But I love that you are using yours to hold Jack's projects in Super Idea!

  5. That is a really good idea. I may steal it from you!

    Have you thought about scanning the artwork into your computer? I've been doing that recently so I can get more of it out of the house yet still have it if they want to look at it. (I don't scan all of it!) I do save some in a box, but now I only save the really good stuff!


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