Thursday, January 08, 2009


One of those five projects that are *finally* finished around here, was adding something to my kick around the house hoodie. I bought the thing last winter thinking I would just applique something bright and pretty onto it and never did.
It has a somewhat of an anthropologie feel, and as soon as I can scavenge up more flowers or doilies or something I will be adding to it.

(That will probably require flea market season. Finding those tiny flowers means I need lots of little junk to dig through.)

All of that anthro talk makes me think Dave and I should revisit the local store soon. That place makes my head spin with inspiration. How much would I LOVE to have a staging job there?
I also finally embellished my Target scarf, a la Pam Kitty Morning .

Appliqueing snowflakes = pain in my hiney. LOL

But it's pretty and I find myself wearing it around the house even.

Before I go, I've been wanting to write this one down for ages. Jack fell out of bed a week or so ago in the middle of the night. When he woke up in the morning he said to his father, "Dave, I fell out of bed, and then when I woke up I dreamed I was the baby Jesus."

HAHAHAHAHA. What a corker.

I am knee deep in my Valentine project, and I have a sewing project to finish still too. So I will be back with more soon.

Makin' projiks again is a good thing.


  1. those look great! the snowflakes may have been a pain, but i think they make the scarf sooo much cuter!

    :) Diana

  2. Hi Sarah, trying to contact you about the giveaway you won at my blog, Camp Whimsy, I need your address so I can send you your goodies, am not sure if you received my emails so thought I might get you this way! Love the post on the $13 finds too, let me know and I'll get the package to you, thanks, Kim

  3. What a great idea!! I think the hoodie is my favorite.

  4. That totally cracks me up, I dreamed I was the baby Jesus. Well there you go.

    Love that you made the scarf!!! You're so good! xo

  5. amazing pieces! you made the jacket and scarf super special. :)

    as for jack, i LOVE his dream and the fact that he remembered it. that's pretty special, too!

  6. That is so funny. He dreamed he was the baby Jesus. So so cute. Incredibly cute. The scarf is darling.


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