Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I had the chance to go out on Saturday with a girlfriend and just wander childless. I am pretty sure we both think anything childless is bliss sometimes, but it just so happens I had a bit of luck too!
A big pile of glass garlands in hot pink, bright green and silver. (It looks gold in that light, I know.)

I want to get another big glass jar (or maybe empty one that I have ornaments in right now), and just pile it high with glass garland.
An older Charlie Brown puzzle. Yes, Jack is well beyond this type of puzzle, but it makes a cute Valentine decoration, and we are crazy about Charlie Brown over here.

We've already started watching the Charlie Brown Valentine DVD, and it is one of my favorite things in life when I get to watch Jack crack up over that crazy Snoopy.
And some really good vintage fabrics. This flower cart one is my favorite. Maybe my favorite one ever. Not sure I can ever cut it up. (I think it might be a feedsack, but I can't find the stitching holes.)
A super cute flowery feedsack.
A small piece of blue plaid that is the same blue as the sky.
And cute tiny purple flowers.

I stayed up WAY too late watching Michelle and Barack dance the night away. They are just so sweet together.

When the newscasters started getting slap happy and asking everyone "who they were wearing" we had a little conversation of our own:

Dave: So honey, who are you wearing?
Me: Wal-Mart.

LOL I'm a regular Roseanne Barr.

Happy Wednesday all!


  1. what your wearing...guess today it is Old Navy fleece.

    Love the glass beads and fabric.

  2. such great finds, I LOVE the fabric!

  3. Those glass beads were quite the score! Happy Wednesday

  4. Flower carts - definitely great. I'm wearing Kohl's right now. Very chic. Barbara

  5. It was a magical evening - I was (and am) wearing Target. :) And it would be great to wander childlessly just for a bit, although my favorite neighborhood thrift store (okay, it was a Salvation Army) closed over Christmas.

  6. Great blue plaid photo. I have plans for a childless evening, but haven't broken the news to my husband yet...

  7. I love the Peanuts characters, too! I have one of those old puzzles -Snoopy and Woodstock, I think. Neato.

  8. Hi there!
    Thanks for visiting me. So sweet of you to comment. I read some of your blog and I really liked it. I loved your photos as well.

    Girl, I'm going to have to read ALL of your blog. I like to read new blogs from start to current. I feel I can get to know you better if I read from the beginning.

    I'd like to add you to my fave's list if that's all right with you.

    Come visit me again!

    Deanna :)


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