Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Millinery madness

I recently stumbled upon the mother lode* of vintage millinery type stuff. All that was missing were tiny velvet flowers, but I have high hopes they are going to show up there very soon. In fact, I will be making a return visit this week to see!

So what did I find?
Vintage Christmas corsages;
velvety fruits and vegetables;
a TON of tiny velvet Japanese shamrocks (I was SO excited to find these, I never find anything vintage for St Patrick's Day);
fruit and pips;
a whole load of tiny wooden heads (I already have a plan for these);
gold and silver foil leaves;
and my personal favorite, tiny fruit corsages!

I once bought vintage millinery fruit on Ebay because I really never see the stuff locally. Now I have my own personal stash.

The only problem? My millinery box is full and I am in need of a new jar for this stuff.

A good problem to have.

*Even though I took geology in college and am quite familiar with the word "lode" I don't think I ever thought of the term "mother lode" in quite that way until I googled it.

P.S. The blog name does not appear to have changed on my own bloglines, but I know some of you are saying it has changed on yours. Interesting.


  1. lucky you! I am going to hit the thrifts later in the week, it has been too long! I will be sending your goodies out in the near future, still dealing with the christmas deco, ugg, can't it just go away!

  2. I can't wait to see what you do with the wooden heads!

  3. congrats on your find - it always nice not to be tempted to buy vintage stuff off of ebay or etsy because you found your own! I have that problem all too often.

    And the name changed on bloglines for me - the first day it changed I had to think for a minute to figure out who's blog it was!

  4. I love that fruit. I have some and don't know what to do with it, but I love it anyway. I don't love some of the vintage St. Patrick's stuff I ended up with, however, but - yay! - now I know who to send it to!!!

  5. What a wonderful lot of goodies you showed us! Wow.
    You really did hit the Mother Lode! Funny you should mention that - I have a particular problem with people misspelling the term (load), since I live in the "Mother Lode Country" aka "Gold Country" area of California!

  6. i'd never even heard of the term millinery until now. those wooden heads look like fun.

  7. Oooh, looks like great fun! Can't wait to see what you do with those little heads. You have the BEST finds!

  8. Seriously girl, how do you do it! You must have a thrifty thumb, like a green thumb but thrifty, Oh you know what I mean!!

    Such cool stuff- I think I would love to see a pic of your jars of collections. I am at times at a loss of how to store the many treasures I have>

  9. Lordy , how the Junk Gods do shine on you !

  10. I would have fallen over in a dead faint from all that good luck. Have mercy!!!


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