Monday, January 05, 2009

Return to normal

Ahhh, we are returning to normal over here. It's good to be back on schedule, isn't it?

So, business first. If you are signed up for the heart to heart swap, I will get an email out to you today with instructions. (BTW, that email will be coming from a new Makin' Projiks email account, not my usual daisykins address, if you don't see it that might be why.)

Haven't signed up? I have one more spot left, hurry!

If you want a little button for your blog, you can use this one (enlarge it first, then right click to save it):

And now the fun stuff.
Jack and I scored three boxes of old school bubble lights off freecycle this morning. Free bubble lights! And they work. Awesome. (I think they are a 1970-1980's version based on the box graphics.)
And I've been sewing. A lot. Not massive projects, but still I am feeling pretty good about having completed FIVE projects that I have been on my want to do list since early last year.

That included making my own set of coasters finally. That first one is a disaster, and it makes me laugh. I totally could NOT make that darn decorative stitch And I ran out of the vintage trim I had used on the others so there is no way to cover it up. LOLOL
They are a bit hard to see, but they say Live, Love, Laugh often.

I had to put this second photo in because if you look closely at the photo of the ones I made for the swap you will see Jack's finger poking in there.

What a shocker that his finger is poking in there again, no?

Ha, that kid cracks me up.

Back tomorrow with more sewing. Woooohoooo.


  1. yay! I can't wait to see it all. :)

  2. Waiting for my email! This is my first swap, I'm so excited!

  3. Hurray for schedules,eh?

    I love the coasters, the blue and red together are so pretty.

  4. Productive start to the new go girl! Love bubble lights - I have had them on my tree forever...never have lucked out and got them FREE tho!

  5. I love your coasters...even the slightly goofed one! The trim is awesome and the color combo - yum!

    :) Diana

  6. Ha! I saw that freecycle e-mail and thought "Huh, I should send that to [you]." and then I thought, "She probably is on that list." And how funny that you snatched them up! Boys go back to school tomorrow, and although I am sad about that, I am glad the past two weeks of christmas/new years/sister's wedding/both boys' birthdays and all of the associated parties IS OVER!!!!

  7. You are lucky to have a little boy finger in your photo - I normally have a cat butt in mine.

    I am obsessed with Craigslist and Freecycle, but haven't scored anything yet. I've given away a lot of junk though.

  8. I love the coasters, they are beautiful. I keep making them when I have scraps that size, so I have a bunch of random mismatched coasters floating around. Maybe I should break down and make a matching set.

  9. Those coasters turned out great--I love the combination of blues and reds.

  10. Free working bubble lights - you are living right. Love the coasters!

  11. Congrats on finishing so many projects! Wow! I bet that feels good!

  12. I love your coasters! So bright and pretty! Sorry I missed your swap. Maybe next time??

    Thanks for visiting me today. It's so nice to be back again!

  13. Love those little coasters Sarah -- the colors, the print, the embroidery...everything!


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