Thursday, February 05, 2009

Bias tape bed pocket & more

Since my dresser is next to my bed and not a proper "night stand", I always have one of those bed pockets to hold pens, lotion, remote control, etc. in. As you can see, my current one had seen a better day. (And it was sweet too, sad.)
I had some suede kicking around I had picked up at an estate sale (I think she was making a skirt), and it seemed like a sturdier option for a bedside pocket.
This project whips up in less than 30 minutes, and is obviously a more traditional use of bias tape.
I also put a little on a lampshade. Originally I thought I would totally cover the lampshade with ruffles, but it was too much, so I just left one ruffle on the bottom.
Too bad I cannot make the ruffler foot work and I had to make the ruffle by hand!

Oh well, it helped passed the Superbowl time. :-)

I am officially out of the projects I had gotten made ahead of time this weekend. Here's hoping for a minute to myself today.

(And here's hoping for that warm front they are promising. This has been a really challenging week with the Jack attack. I need him to get outside and entertain himself soon. I am pretty sure we are both on time out overload.)


  1. I really like the ruffle on the lampshade...

    How much of this stuff did you get??? I'm amazed at the sheer quantity of pink flowered bias tape that existed on one roll!

  2. Cute projects...the bedside pocket looks handy.
    We are at 60 here in Iowa today...very nice outside!

  3. Strange, I was just thinking of making one of these pockets for the kids. I love yours, now I must make them!

  4. That bed pocket is a fantastic idea. How long is it? Do you just tuck it between the mattress and box spring?

    Hope those spring like temps found you! :)

  5. Love that bedside pocket.


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