Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Making like crazy or crazy making?

Before I even start, what is it with 4 year olds? Mine has TOTALLY lost the ability to entertain himself for even a millisecond.

I know people are chomping at the bit about the heart to heart swap, but I don't want to spoil the surprise for everyone yet, so hold tight!
These little ladies are part of the reason why I have been a crazy lady for the past month. Making oodles and oodles of them as my contribution for the heart to heart swap this year.
Cute as buttons they are. But they can make a lady crazy making so many of them.
A few close up shots.
Little flowery dresses, aprons...
millinery flowers.

Sweetness abounds. (Jack says some of them look "naughty". It's the eyebrows. LOL)

The rest of them will be on my soon to expire Flickr Account. LOL It's on that never ending to do list. (Am still feeling seriously swamped.)

P.S. Someone asked about closer photos last week, don't forget you can click to enlarge my photos.


  1. My lovely little package arrived today!! All the valentiney goodness made me very happy!

    Much squeeing ensued.

    And I commitment to make something much more awesome next year for the swap because I was in awe of all the beautifulness that arrived in that little box :)

  2. I have been eyeing my goodies all day. It occured to me last night that I didn't know which one you had made. Then I remembered you had made a post on Magpie Ethel about her little dolls, so I figured out what you had made. They are soooo adorable. Did you have to drill the end of the spool to make the clothespin fit?

  3. Naughty - - - hilarious! He is so cute. Love these. They are done so well.

  4. i love them! i love them!!
    they are just awesome!!!!

  5. These are so perfect! I really love them, esp. because they are standing on a vintage spool with love stamped on it. I know what you mean about four year olds! They have some sort of built in radar that senses the second you start doing something not about them..lol.

  6. Wow Sarah, those are just lovely. I can see all the hard work that went into each one! I love that they have different little dresses.

    Good work!
    Deanna :D

  7. Oh Sarah! They're just adorable!!!

  8. Anonymous7:28 PM

    Those are so sweet!

  9. Cute, cute, cute! Makes me wish I was part of the swap (but I, too, am swamped). Making in bulk definitely has its pros and cons!

  10. The only thing I could love more than my spool doll is a CROWD of spool dolls. Fun photos! They really are adorable. Even if occasionally naughty. (I love that word.)

  11. These are fabulous! Can I sign up now for next year's swap? I won't be in school (taking a break until we move next year some time) and looking at these and Missy's, I'm so bummed out I missed out this year!

  12. I love your little dolls! So adorable :) I just had to take a look at them.


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