Monday, April 06, 2009

April Flowers

Today we are:
watching :: it snow
eating :: everything in the house (Jack had already had oatmeal, a fiber one granola bar, 2 yogurts, and goldfish crackers before 9 am)
waiting :: opening day of baseball
noticing :: Jack has realized he can use black construction paper to make "reflections"
watching :: way too much television
making :: handprint Easter lilies. I continue to be crazy about handprint/footprint crafts. (These are from family fun, but for some reason they have an ad running that makes their site unuseable for me right now so I can't give you a link.)

Jack is not exactly cooperative right now when it comes to anything, including picture taking. He is WAY overtired (and has been for weeks). I can only get him to nap with serious bribes. LOL
They are super sweet though. And in the April issue which is worth picking up. (Actually, I think the whole mag is worth subscribing to.)
fixing :: the St Patrick's Day shirt by covering it with a hedgehog (still not sure I won't add feet)
finding :: the mother lode of vintage millinery flowers at a garage sale on Saturday (this was super exciting since I never find those!)

dreaming :: of all the projects I can do with the huge jar full of loose flowers that were in the bag with the pink and red stems (yes! It is full of tiny velvet forget me nots. Love.)

hoping :: to find some food Jack will eat other than snacks, PB&J sandwiches, chicken nuggets, mac & cheese (I shouldn't be surprised that he is picky, I am picky, but seriously, we need to branch out somehow)



  1. I'm so envious of your HUGE jar of vintage millinery flowers. Man, do you find the best deals. Don't you just love Family Fun magazine? They have the best ideas.

  2. LUCKY BUM, finding all of those millinery flowers!! The hedgehog is super cute. My were super picky and Graham eats everything, including sushi! The girls are getting better now that they are older.

  3. I thought those flowers were so cute (the lillies). They had something similar awhile back and we made them. Same flowers, they just werent made to look like lillies.

    The shirt turned out really cute.

    And I *LOVE* those flowers! I can never seem to find any! Would you be willing to make a trade for something for a few?

  4. snow? again? It was cold here, but thankfully no white stuff. I'm DONE.

  5. can you believe we are watching it April?!?

  6. The hedgehog on his tshirt is very cute and original. Love it.

  7. pondering
    otherwise known as...
    Can't wait for summer so Bubba can do all of his 'water experiments' outside! We did discuss magnification, volume, mass, displacement, gravity, etc. today all because he was dropping marbles in a vase full of water.

  8. I love how the shirt turned out,your very creative.

  9. Me? Loving the forget-me-nots, admiring the Easter lilies, thinking that maybe Jack is on the cusp of a growth spurt.

  10. Those flowers are fabulous!! I can't wait to see what you do with them.

  11. I love that project you did with the hands! Jack is a lucky guy to have such a creative mommy!

  12. ARGH, the glowers are AWESOME. What a scoop. Love the hedgehog too, and the lilies made from handprints. When my boys were small, we made Christmas trees like that out of green felt, I still have them.
    Food - just keep introducing things until he tries them. We had green beans every night for two weeks before my youngest would try them. And hey, he liked them, lol! I just kept persevering. Sometimes I would give him a choice, like corn or carrots. Only two choices. And it worked!

  13. Anonymous6:58 AM

    Try putting him to bed a bit earlier each night. That should help compensate for the lack of naps. Good luck!

  14. i saw those lilies in, yours turned out really nice!

    i like the hedgehog too, but i do think he needs feet. maybe even a simple eye. great idea!

    i too, have a picky eater. we have been joking around with the phrase "eat your colors!" (we say it in a sing-songy, almost scolding way, which makes it, somehow, more appealing?) and cosmo actually seems interested in finding foods of different colors. he's even tried a few green things! it also seems to help when i explain to him that i want him to have some protein, before he has sweets. he asks me now, "mama, does this have protein?"

    i agree with anonymous about the earlier bedtime. my favorite thing about cosmo stopping naptime is that he falls asleep so easily at night. good luck with that! over tired is no fun.

  15. Everything is so cute!
    The paper lilies, the hedgehog shirt (adorable), and those fantastic millinery flowers!
    Oh, what fun you'll have with those!

    Kimberly :)

  16. I love your idea for handprint Easter Lilies, they look so cute. (I will remember that one for when my girls
    are a little older...)

  17. The t-shirt looks great!

  18. I love that jar of millinery flowers...I guess I'd just display it..LOL! I loved the previous post off all the Easter goodies you found. I've been on the hunt down too with some luck.



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