Sunday, April 05, 2009

Flea Market Sunday, Easter Style

I am starting to think our flea market will never be back to normal this year. It's been warm for a long time now, and I have been going nearly every Sunday for almost 6 weeks, and yet, where are the vendors??

It's a serious bummer.

I did manage at the last minute to scrounge up Easter goodies.

This egg was actually in a bag of plastic eggs at the thrift. After finding that Giant egg last year I have been on the hunt for others. (And yes, that article in Country Living has me wondering about the value of the giant egg!) This one is tiny.
I found these bunnies in one of my canisters when I was digging for cupcake picks. I need to try and clean them up somehow, but rollerskating bunnies are irresistable.
I did find another candy egg at the flea this morning, but this one was made in Korea. Still a cutie though.
This basket is seriously clever. It was made in Japan and it folds flat for storage. I am really crazy about it and I sense a new hunting obsession coming on. LOL
A super cute bunny candy box. He is looking a little washed out in the sun.
And a good size german foil egg. I am still bummed I could never find those Seasons of Cannon Falls foil eggs and baskets locally a few years ago, so finding a genuine foil egg is awesome.

I cannot believe Easter is only a week away already. I don't feel the least bit prepared.

Better go buy that ham, eh?


  1. WOW, great finds! I need to get out there and get hunting. I LOVE THE tiny roller skating bunnies, super adorable!

  2. I covet that foil covered egg. So wonderful. I am a bit obsessed with looking for those paper eggs. I've only found two this year, but that's two more than I had before.....

    I put my Easter up too early - I am tired of it. ;o(

  3. Those roller skating bunnies are the best. Some great deals (once again).

  4. gosh i love that foil egg!

    dont feel bad, i'm not remotely ready myself. all i have is layla's easter outfit, nothing else.

    then her birthday is the 19th!

  5. Cute bunnies on rollerskates -- they ARE irresistible!

    Enjoy your blog. Great thrifty finds too.

  6. I have two of the giant foil eggs and every year wish I'd find more! I'm actually going to fancy mine up this year with some ribbons & flowers. They're still sitting on my desk so I had better get to it or it won't happen this year.

    The skating bunnies crack me up! Love the bunny candy box too.

  7. such great finds! the basket is my absolute fav!!

  8. I wanna go bargain hunting with you! Great finds, so vintage looking.
    No snow yet....

  9. You always have the best finds. I think I might even have that first egg -- I should check my eggs. Love those roller skating bunnies!


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