Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I've lost my blog title mojo

Last fall I joined one of these virtual quilting bees. For February we are making blocks for a little girl's quilt and I decided to do an applique. I LOVE how it turned out (so sweet!), and while I was making it Jack kept asking if he could "make bumps" like that too.

I was still thinking about how to do it with him (I really need to find my Creative Family book, I am pretty sure Amanda has instructions in there on teaching kids embroidery), when he brought me his magazine yesterday and asked if we could make the project he was looking at.
I said sure, and off we went.

His very first sewing project! (It's supposed to be a tooth fairy pocket.)

How cool. He cut it all out by himself and aside from a little help from me pulling the yarn through the felt (it was hard and I couldn't find an easy way to pre-make sewing holes in the felt for him), it's all his own work.

Now I just have to be sure to keep track of it so I can keep it forever for him. :-)
In other sewing related news, I am finding it impossible to find cheap shirts in a 5T. Even in the retail stores, which is my last choice. Nothing at Target, Wal Mart, Old Navy. I came up pretty dry at this year's consignment sale too.

And Jack seriously needs short sleeved shirts.

So I picked this one up at a super cheap thrift this morning (think garage sale prices) because it's hardly been worn.

I was thinking I could just applique something cute over the outdated thing on the front easy enough. Except I have NO ideas on what to put over that logo since it is rather large.

Anyone have any brilliant ideas?


  1. I say leave it. It is charmingly wrong.

  2. I love the tooth! My daughter is wanting to me all sorts of things on her own now. She loves to make pillows and hand sews them with giant stitches all the way around. Her stuffing comes out the holes but she loves them all anyways.

  3. How about a train or a WIDE frog/toad?

    Great tooth project by Jack! I know Ella would love to sew more and I just never have enough ideas for her. I know it is time to take out my antique machine for her to start playing around on.

  4. your applique & Jack's tooth came out so cute! {the apple obviously doesn't fall far from the crafty tree}

    I wouldn't call them brilliant ideas but my first two thoughts for appliques on the t-shirt were a race car or an alligator. can't wait to see what you do :)

    p.s. thanks for your birthday comment - it made me laugh out loud!

  5. You better be careful -- Jack will soon be needing a craft blog LOL. As for the holes in the felt, I use one of those making memories hole punches. They look like a pencil and you strike them with a hammer. You should be able to get one at Michael's -- with a coupon, of course!

  6. How about a big smiley face over the motif?

  7. What about using a rectangle of fabric as a background for a fabulous shape? Just make the rectangle large enough to cover the words, and then applique your shape onto that!

  8. Love the tooth!!! I use a reg paper hole punch on felt.
    For the shirt go check out these fun appliques for kids quilts. Also other things , dogs, cats. Pretty easy to do. She has a lot!

  9. The block is darling, I would love to do a virtual quilting bee:) That tooth is soooo precious!

  10. Sarah,
    Check out Hobby Lobby or Joann's. Love the tooth. He did a great job.

  11. Anonymous1:38 PM

    For the green tee--A rectangle of a busy colorful printed fabric such as bugs, or zoo animals. My son once had a cool tee from a nature store. It had a bug print with a few plastic snap on bugs that he could (and did) pull off.

    Andrea in Calif.

  12. Anonymous1:59 PM

    i am in awe...that is beautiful and my jilly will LOVE IT!!!!

    his tooth is too cute! definitely a keeper!

  13. How about an owl on a big branch :)
    I love the Projik ;)

    It's fun when they are old enough to do things like that!


  14. I always thrfited The Bean's clothes. I found it funny to see my born in 1995 kid wearing a July 4th, 1992 shirt.

    The tooth fairy pocket is adorable. I have The Bean's first crafty project sitting right here on my desk. Keep it forever!

  15. I have an idea for the shirt! How about a picture of some art drawn by Jack. You could scan a drawing, print it out as a rectangle big enough to cover the logo. I have gotten the washable photo fabric for 40% off at Joannes. Also, I saw a great tutorial for making a kids shirt longer. I will find it and email it to you. Maybe you can adjust some of his old shirts.

  16. My first thought was a submarine, but that doesn't seem like you or Jack. It's long and skinny though. I like the idea of using his art like Jane said.

  17. old navy is having a spring sale right now with tees going for $3.50 to $5. i just stocked up on some for jerrett.

    for the tee what about city buildings with a car out front? or a fire station with a truck?


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