Sunday, April 26, 2009

A little adventure

Yesterday there was a city wide yard sale in a small town in Illinois, about an hour away from us. I happen to LOVE city wide yard sales in little towns, and since we had a fairly quiet week, off we went.

It was hot and the junk was not spectacular, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself, stopping at nearly every single yard sale (surely there were more than 60). Even Jack enjoyed hunting for treasure, though he was disappointed to still have his quarters in his pockets when we started out for home in the afternoon.

Let's look at some treasures, shall we? (I really wish blogger had not changed the order they upload photos in.) A pretty old quilt. Ratty perhaps, likely suited for cutting, but we all know I would never do that, don't we?
In place of batting she has used an old blanket.
LOVE that fancy edge.
Gorgeous old fabrics.
Still as pretty as can be.
A super cheap piece of Hull pottery. In perfect condition and white!

When I started collecting pottery I thought I wanted all white. Other stuff seemed to find for me a long time, now the white seems to be finding me.
A few ornaments. Neither the bird nor the bells are old, but I like having the reproductions ornaments on the family tree in the basement.
And a tablecloth. Carnations I think this time.
I really should get it washed so I can get it on the line while the sun is still shining, the forecast calls for a lot of rain this week.

I picked up some other small stuff too: notions for sewing, a pattern, and a lamp that is the mate to one I bought last year at a flea market. At the time I was really sad to have to leave it's mate behind, but I didn't have the money to buy both. Finding a match felt very lucky yesterday and I think I squealed with joy when I saw it and slammed the van into park!

Quite a nice break from Dullsville, don't you think?


  1. White pottery, a tablecloth and vintage ornaments? A perfect trifecta in my book!

    When I upload photos, I make all five empty spots on the upload page and then I start at the bottom one and work my way up. That way, when they upload, they are in reverse order, but in the order I wanted them in the first place. It's easier than cutting and pasting them all in order. But, I do it that way sometimes too.

  2. That is a perfect day in my book too, what more could you want:)

  3. What a pretty quilt & tablecloth!

  4. A very nice break from Dullsville :) That quilt is amazing!

  5. what great finds! that quilt is absolutely gorgeous. i think i may have to put that one on my 'to do' list for someday. its just so lovely!

  6. I almost picked up an old tablecloth for you today. I did end up taking home some non-stamped old dishtowels, the muslin kind like I grew up with. ;) There were old quilts there, but Mom couldn't make up her mind which one to bring home with us.

  7. lovely finds indeed. I love the picture of the quilt from far away - I love seeing the pattern. Gorgeous!

  8. Maybe you should be bored more often - this was a great end to that spell! I would not cut that quilt apart either (but we knew that, too) - it's beauteous.

  9. I told you dullsville would leave you behind!!!!
    Glad you had such a great enjoyable day with great treasures, am sure you were doing a happy dance.

  10. Oh Oh what beautiful things, pretty pretty pretty. Yer I am cross about the photo order too, see I like things as they are, not keen on change....maybe thats why I love the old quilts filled with love and history.

    Take care....

  11. There was a city-wide sale in Illinois? I'm in Illinois, and I would've wrestled you to the ground for that quilt! Love the tablecloth and pottery too!

  12. Woohoo!! That's a super haul.

    And I love that you found the lamp's mate. I swear I am a true believer in serendipitous thrifting. Happens all the time...

  13. I love the scrappy quilt! I would have a hard time cutting into it too!!!

  14. I swear, you are an awesome vintage find magnet! Love that quilt!

  15. you really get some good stuff!! hope you are doing well, have been busy on facebook lately and miss my favorite blogs!!

  16. i am signed in under my camp fire group blog, this is me: leslie from chasing bluebirds!! too lazy to fix my sign in name.


  17. Oh what lovely finds. Especially the quilt and the ornaments. Sigh.


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