Friday, April 10, 2009

Thank you Easter Bunny

I really do love Easter. When I was small my Easter basket was HUGE and my grandmother would fill it so full that I could barely lift it.

Every year now I always have so many Easter crafts I want to get done and I never seem to have enough time to finish them all. I have been working fast and furious on a few still.
Yesterday I made refillable felt eggs, tutorial here . I think hers must be stuffed in her photos. I tried experimenting with making them larger (the yellow and the blue ones) so that it would be easier for Jack to get the candy out, but it does make them less egg shaped.

It hardly matters though. They are cute and they will do the job. And Jack will like them. I want to try and squeeze in one more so I have half a dozen, but I will warn you, they are slow going.
At nearly the last minute Jack told me he wanted a stuffed rabbit this year. (Well, he actually said he wants to fill up his whole bed with stuffed animals. LOL)

So I've been working on this one after he goes to bed at night.
He is cute as can be, but underneath that ribbon is a serial killer mess of a neck! The pattern has you hand sew the head on, and if I were going to do it again I would alter it so I could machine sew the head on. (The colors are not great since it is rainy today, but I had to sneak to take the pictures so the rabbit will be a surprise on Sunday.)
This years visit with the Easter bunny went a little smoother than last year. (We had an almighty tantrum last year because the Easter bunny was hours late.) It did take about 10 photos to get one with Jack's eyes open though!
Over at Eileen's place everyone has been showing themselves in their Easter dresses and I happened to have a photo of a wee me that I keep on my bulletin board.

Someone somewhere mentioned finding an old dress pattern that seemed obscenely short for a little girl and I am obviously a testament to the super short dress fashion of the day! (I think I am 3 there. Ok, I went and looked, it says Sarah, 2 years, 1977. I must have been the world's biggest two year old. LOL I kept wondering why my face looked so much rounder than Jack's does, but I was still a babyeeeeeeeeeee.)

Before I go I have to tell you one more thing. Yesterday I was cooking dinner when it seemed like Jack had been way too quiet. I went in the sewing room to discover that little stinker had gotten out my little screwdriver and he took apart my sewing machine!

I nearly had a heart attack. And then I had to try not to laugh. I am proud of his curiosity, but not my sewing machine please!


  1. Those little eggs turned out really cute!

  2. My god, Jack look JUST like YOU at that age! Well, without the dress of course.

    Your bunny is sweet too. And he finally got his tail!

    Happy Easter!

  3. ...and did Jack put the machine back together?

    What a cute picture of mini-you. Just look at those legs!

    Love the bunny. Jack will for sure be excited about it. Happy Easter!

  4. You made my egg! Woohoo! That's so exciting. The craft felt ones are stuffed in the pictures, the wool one and the interfaced fabric ones hold their shape okay without stuffing. I just finger press them round from the inside. And, yah, they aren't the fastest thing to make. :-/

  5. That's a cute bunny! I tried making a bunny once. I messed up the neck somehow that all I could get was a pencil in there to stuff the head! Hey, it sounds like Jack has an analytical mind. He'll be FIXING that machine for you in the future!

  6. Anonymous11:52 AM

    he looks just like you, sarah!

  7. What sweet eggs. I'm super impressed with Jack's mechanical skills and his photo shoot with Mr. Easter Bunny. Our's wasn't nearly as successful. Have a wonderful Easter.

  8. Hey, I just saw this and thought of you! It's a Matthew Mead project, and I think it looks pretty!

  9. The eggs are darling and look at you in that sweet dress! And wow, Jack does look like sweet!

    Deanna :D

  10. WOW, I can't believe he took apart your sewing machine, YIKES! Love the E-bunny picture! Have a great Easter.

  11. Thank you for adding your picture to the Parade.

  12. Cute pictures! We used to have matching little puffy pants under the short dresses, with elastic band around the waist and legs.

  13. I can't comment on anything else in the post because my brain exploded on the taking apart the sewing machine sentence. HOLY COW.. I'm freaked out.

  14. YOU were a CUTIE!!!! I love your baby picture!!!

    As for your sewing! I hope you can get it back together easily!

    Happy Easter! :)

  15. Ok, SOMEONE looks like his Mama!!! So Cute -- Happy Easter!

  16. Your easter decorations are so cute. Jack is so funny. He's going to be a Mr. Fix it. Or break it! Love the picture of you in your little dress. So so cute. Makes me want to pinch those cute cheeks.

  17. Love that dress! And wow - Jack looks exactly like you!


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