Thursday, April 02, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

I actually had planned to show you a project today, but I still need to add the ribbon, so it will have to wait.

That's ok though, Thrifty Thursday is an easy blog title.LOL
Ok, I know you are thinking I have lost my mind. Why are you looking at shoes? Because they are expensive shoes that I thrifted last week for myself for $9. They were brand new, but I have been wearing them every day. (They retail for $90.)

On that same day we thrifted a $70 toy for Jack for $6. It was also brand new, still sealed, bearing Target price tags.

I only tell you this because even for me it is easy to think of going to the thrift store as a "fun adventure" or a "mission to find old junk". But don't overlook the useful stuff too! Clothes, shoes (I only buy them if they are new), skillets, tvs, linens, toys, bicycles, books, etc. If are you patient you can find it. Sometimes I find it helpful to make a list of things we need so that I have a starting point in my head when wandering around the mountains of junk that accumulates in the thrift.

It also helps to know which thrifts in your area are good for what stuff. Some of them here are better for vintage finds while others are much better for Target overruns.

It's actually both amazing and tragic if you think about it. We live in a country where there is so much excess that people give away very expensive brand new shoes. Anyway.
This ornament is super special to me. I had the chance to go through Grandma's things before they have the garage sale and find myself a treasure or two to remember her by. Not only do I really, really love it, but it will always make me think of her.
I went to the flea a few weeks back with my girlfriend Renee and picked up these lamps. I absolutely do NOT need more lamps but they were $3 for the pair and the cats and Jack tend to break lamps around here like crazy. (In fact, I am sitting here looking at one they have knocked onto the floor so many times that it leans to the right and drives me crazy. I try and straighten it up at least 10 times a day, time to get a different one out of the closet!)

They need a SERIOUS cleaning and a rewiring.
And one of the CUTEST fabrics evah. Pink gingham and blue cherries rock. New kitchen curtains are on the way from this stuff as soon as I finish the other 12 projiks I have going right now.

Speaking of which, I need to go finish the shirt from yesterday. :-)


  1. You totally have different thrift stores where you live. I'm so disappointed when I go to ours. Good for you though.

  2. I'm so envious of your thrifting adventures and weather that almost resembles spring! You always find the best stuff.

  3. The shoes are a great deal, Sarah.

    I always hit the thrifts before I hit retail for things I need! And more often than not, I find something that works. (Even with large skirts and shirts than can be used for their fabric).

    And you're right about some places having better selection of certain items than others.

  4. I'm always amazed too with what some people will give away. I tend to give some nice stuff away too but not like that. Before i got pregnant i bought nice expenivish shoes only for them to no longer fit and so into the donation pile they went. I like to think that eventually everything makes its way to a thrift store. Love that. I found the MOST delicious stuff today. I've been a bit ecstatic about it all day. Can't wait to show. I find when i go on a mission thrifting, i find what i want. I was on a mission for buttons, i got them after a month or so. I was on a mission for a train table and bam, got it. Today i was on a mission for ephemera and boy oh boy did i get it and unreasonably cheap. I'm always amazed at your finds though. You do much better than i. This area isn't so good thrifting wise. Estate sale wise it is great but LD is still too grabby for me to take him with. Rummage sales are what i really score with here. Happy thrifting thursday! We should make that a theme..."Thrifting Thursdays" - that's when i go too!

  5. Anonymous5:53 PM

    You obviously have great thrift stores there. Ours have become a bit delusional about their pricing over the past 18 months. $25 for a ratty old toddlers rocking horse that needs repairs? Ha! But it encourages me to look harder for the bargains and feel even better when I find them. If I ever come back to the US I am definitely bringing an empty suitcase and hitting the thrift stores!

  6. I like that fabric. I need more thrifting adventure.

  7. You sure have picked up some great thrifty bargains. Good for you. (love the lamps) x

  8. Great finds. New stuff is always good to when its on the bargain rail.... have to look everywhere don't we? ;-)

  9. I almost always forget to look for useful things. Those are great shoes!

  10. Lucky you! Unfortunately we do not have any such place in our place. Thouhg we have a market in Khidderpore in the port area where you could get things cheap but you cannot help but notice that they are all Chinese made.

  11. Great thrift finds!

  12. I am officially dying over the lamps!


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