Friday, April 24, 2009

Welcome to Dullsville

Welp, this about sums up life here right now. I have been doing a whole lot of nothing. No making of anything, no painting anything. Just laundry and cooking and sweeping.

Oh, and plenty of sitting in a blazing hot car. Jack has been so tired that he has been falling asleep in the car every afternoon and I have been sitting there with him while he sleeps for an hour or more sweating my butt off. LOL
I've been cleaning drawers and closets.

But clearly not this one.
I managed to buy a plant stand thingy at the one yard sale I went to last week and plopped some flowers that Jack planted on it.

Yard sale season is REALLY slow to start again this year. March was so nice and warm and it seemed to be off to a great start. Then April came and it has been wet and cold and insanely WINDY. Not great for yard sales.

Of course today is 90 degrees. Pfffffffft.
My peony tree actually bloomed, but they do NOT smell as heavenly as my pink peonies. What's up with that?
I thrifted a cuckoo clock, but it needs a pendulum and weights. Pffft.

Let's see, what else is going on around Dullsville?

My wrist is killing me.

I am still coughing. (Yes, two weeks of that. Enough already.)

I've been getting repair estimates for the van. While doing so I went to the shop of an old high school friend. It was totally WiLd to see him after all these years.

I've sort of purposely avoided all the people from high school for a long time now. I didn't really have any interest in them. Or maybe more accurately I wasn't interested in being connected in any way to the life I had when they were part of it. (Which, FWIW, was not negative because of them, it was my family I was running from.)

Facebook has changed all of that. It has caused me to do a lot of reflecting.

Mostly that's a good thing.

It weird to see how people remember the person you were in those days...the things that still ring true about yourself and the things that are long forgotten.

Oddly enough the thing that blows my mind completely is how much the *boys* have changed. The girls are more or less recognizable to me, but the boys, well, that's a whole 'nother story. Men obviously age totally differently. It seems like they didn't acquire their *manly* faces until after high school.

They did NOT seem baby faced to me at the time, but seeing them as grown men I realize they certainly were baby faced young things when we left high school.

Ah well, so much for that "we are so grown up and cool now" thing, eh? LOLOL

Oh how high school makes me laugh now!

As soon as I get a chance I am going to scan some old photos from those days.

So, that's life on the range here. Maybe things are more exciting for all of you?

I certainly hope it's at least a bit more thrilling than refolding all the pillowcases...

Happy Friday y'all.


  1. That's such a true thing about Facebook. Only recently I've become "friends" with people from high school. I dragged my feet for so long debating if connecting was really worth it, and desired. We'll see how that all goes. Yeah it's pretty much dullsville here too...laundry, dishes, cleaning. Next week it's intense cleaning and I'm so not looking forward to the floor to ceiling, nook and cranny cleaning my husband has proposed.

  2. DULL dull DULL here too! Would probably explain my funk! Thanks for the encouraging words. I too am on FB, a little crazy I think. Last weekend was our city wide garage sale. Nothing super to speak of. I don't usually look for kids clothes, but Adler doesn't have a lot of clothing. I found a great sale with each article of clothing for a quarter! Gap, Gymboree, Old Navy. He is set for a little while. That is the problem with where I live, it is mostly new construction... Lots of kid stuff. I miss St. Charles (the old part) where we used to live. I hope you have pleasant excitement soon!

  3. My world is pretty dull too, however there are a BILLION yard sales this weekend. I went to a good one today and that will be it for the weekend due to $$$. You either have the time or the money. shessh

  4. Dullsville huh? Am sure some big excitement will come your way soon...fold the pillowcase, get rid of your cough and maybe this weekend you will find an amzing yard sale...I'll cross my fingers!

  5. Dullsville is a bit more interesting than here. At least you're cooking, doing laundry and sweeping ;) I'm even more lethargic than that! I love that plant stand!

  6. I've been out of school since 77. This year most of my class mates are turning 50 and alot of us got facebooks. Well a couple of weeks ago, all of us "band geeks" on facebook had a little reunion dinner! OMG! WHat fun we had! Most of us had not seen each other since highschool. It was alot of fun trying to guess who was who, when they walked in the door! Our next dinner will include all our friends on facebook from highschool. That should be fun too. SOme of these 'kids" ive been friends with since first grade! Even our band director from hs has a facebook!

  7. Facebook sounds like such a scary place to me. I'm planning to stay far away from it.

    BTW, the cuckoo clock... is it from Switzerland? My grandmother had the exact same one! Well, hers had the weights, but still... it surprised me to see it on your blog.

    Hope your wrist feels better! And that you're not stuck in Dullsville for too long.... I do my best to ignore pillowcases that need refolding. You're a good woman to pay attention. :-)


  8. Pfffffffft.


  9. ok, i just read this post after writing on your last one. i am totally hooked on facebook and i think we are on the same page about high school. i had zero interest in hooking up with anyone too, then i realized facebook allows me to see how many people have nice lives now and i am happy for them. i dont need to be a big part of everyones lives, but a note here and there is nice. i totally agree about everyone growing up, it is shocking how we all look now. we look like parents and adults even though we still feel young inside. its creepy!! facebook can open up other opportunities as well, we are trying to save our local wetlands and i have been able to get people from the neighborhood on board in a way we just couldnt do it before. thats been nice!!


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