Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Let's do some junking

I've been trying to take photos of things from junking here and there. It seems like I am only able to find one thing on every outing, so not all of these are from the same day!
I have some milk glass, but I don't really have a passion to collect milk glass. This cookie jar was too good to pass up though.
I managed to find a strand of glass garland in a bag of a bunch of other junk. Love the unusual shapes on these beads.
I picked this up when they sold off the rest of my "adopted grandma's" stuff at a yard sale. I LOVE it so much in all of it's patchworky type glory.

I am on the hunt for the perfect frame.
And I also picked up four ancient teacup applique blocks. These are super sweet and need to be made into a pillow I think.

On Friday Dave and I are going to do the 100 mile yard sale again (and Jack is having his very first sleepover!). I am really hoping the 100 mile sale is better than the rest of the garage sales and flea markets have been this year.

Ok, off with me then. Jack is at his final day of Mother's Day Out. Ever. Man how time flies. He has been begging to stay for their extended play so he is gone until 4 (!!) today. Whatever will I do with myself?

Oh, I know, the couch is saying "please come take a nap on me..."


  1. Wow...these are some lovely treasures you've found!

  2. So digging that milk glass jar. Awesome.

  3. Love the milk glass cookie jar, I have a huge collection and have not seen a piece like that before!Enjoy your time alone:)

  4. I have a jar like that, too. It's one of my favorites pieces! I have enough to fill a shelf or two. I don't consider myself a collector. If I bring a piece home it needs to fit where I display them or one needs to go! I don't think a collector would do that.

    I would love to know where your 100 mile garage sale is....although I will be traveling for my son's baseball this weekend.

    Can't wait to see what you find!

  5. I am in LOVELOVELOVE with that embroidery. Any chance you could scan a copy for me, I would love to try replicate it. My wall begs you! Such great colours and yes, that patchworky look.

  6. I've never seen a milk glass cookie jar. That little embroidered picture is perfect for you! I always love how you show your quilts and tablecloths on the clothesline!

  7. I want teacups. I want teacups. I guess I'll have to make some! Lovely.

  8. I love those last 2 items! I would love a tea cup pillow!

  9. I do have a thing for milk glass- and that is a fantastic find! My daughter loves it too- she is 16- and uses different pieces to hold her jewlery. In fact everytime I find a great piece- like this really pretty cake stand, she snags it!! Hope you enjoyed your time alone!

  10. well i think the finds you do get are beauties!! i think that is better than a bunch of ickies!!
    i have never seen a milk glass cookie jar like that


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