Monday, June 22, 2009

Am I legit?

I go through phases of thinking I want entire collection of Martha Stewart Living, from beginning to end. So I am always picking up back issues of her magazine at yard sales and thrift stores.

I picked this one up because it is pretty close to the beginning of the magazine.
It was stuffed FULL of old papers, including these two pages, which I am pretty sure are pages from her Entertaining Newsletter - the precursor to Living.

Inside, in an envelope, I also found this letter. (You can click to enlarge it.) It's a response to a question about her copper collection. She says she finds them at tag sales, flea markets, etc.

It's a real signature at the bottom, not a stamp.

But is it legitimately Martha's autograph?

What do you think?

This probably shows how boring my life can be but I think it is an exciting little mystery!


  1. What a neat find! I would love for you to be in the audience of her show when they have guest questions-"Is this your real signature?" You know Martha would *love* the fact that you buy her mags at tag sales! And she too would be just as interested in a discovery like this.

  2. I Googled Martha Stewart autograph IMAGES and it looks right. Theupward swirl on teh M and the ong straight line over almost the entire "ewart."

    Pretty cool, indeed!

  3. That is awesome!! I bet that's why they kept it. v. cool find. :)

  4. Awesome find!!!! I say it's a legit autograph...frame it!

  5. What a great find! I also like to pick up back issues at yard sales. One thrift store was even giving them away free! I came home with a bundle.

    Hugs :)


  6. Nice find! I sold off my collection on Ebay a few years ago and some of my earlier issues went for $50.00+ WITHOUT an autograph!

  7. I think it’s really cool! I can’t believe that she really answered the question personally. Of course it’s hard to believe that she ever goes to tag sales. I actually haven’t renewed my subscription, and I really hate to say that with all the magazines going under. Living just isn’t the same. I don’t enjoy this new format and the new editor. Is it sick that I can tell the difference? The magazine seems more highfalutin. I think old issues are a find in and of themselves, but a signed response letter is pretty amazing.

  8. How fun! I bet it is real, I don't think she was uber popular back then, right? I wrote a letter to Johnny Depp when he was on 21 Jump Street, I think I was like 13, and got a response with what I think is a real signature. I still have it somewhere. LOL

    PS - Love Jack's stiching! Good job!

  9. what a fun find! I think it is super cool and totally legit. I have not bought many recent issues but I love her 4th of July stuff this year!!

  10. coooooolll, I bet it is the real thing!

  11. What an awesome find! I buy lots of magazines at garage sales. Hey, can't beat the prices then! I bet that's a real signature...too bad you can't write to them and ask!!!


  12. How could somebody ever throw that away?! Some husband, somewhere, is in BIG trouble!

  13. Looks about identical to the autograph of hers that I got! :) Great find.


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