Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

For Father's Day this year I let Jack make his own stitching. He actually did a fantastic job, with very little help from me.
Isn't it sweet? (It's his own handwriting too.)

It's a still a little unfinished as we are deciding what to do with it. I was thinking of leaving it in the hoop, but in the shower this morning I think I decided on a mat + frame.

The idea was from The Creative Family, and the only thing I would add to Amanda's directions are that if you want to make a pattern it is easiest to use chalk on the burlap.

Oh yea, and leave yourself a few days to complete it. Jack did the heart fine, but with the letters he could only do one letter a day, max. Too much frustration otherwise.

So Happy Father's Day to the best Dad in the world - one who never complains about taking care of his kid, has never tried to get out of a parenting duty, does all the blood and guts cleaning up that comes with a little boy and makes this mama feel weak in the knees, who goes bowling and bike riding and hiking, and is generally the apple of his little boy's eye. We love you!


  1. I do my best thinking in the shower too. It's the only time we are ALONE!

    Happy Father's Day to David!

  2. Sweet project, I bet he was so proud when he finished :)

  3. Wowm Jack what a good job you did. I love it. Clarice

  4. What a wonderful Fathers Day gift.

  5. It turned out beautifully! It will look perfect matted and framed for years to come :)

  6. Jack did a great job! These are the BEST gifts of all! I think framing it is a great idea! In the past my kids have made pillows for the grandparents with a similar theme. I have some placemats with their handprints on them I should share, too. Thanks for the idea to blog about them! I'll get on that ASAP!

  7. That is so cute. What a good mom you are.

  8. Oh Sarah, that's so cute. Jack looks like he's really into the sewing. What a wonderful gift for Dad!


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