Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hot it up

How about a post with a whole lot of random?
*Whenever Jack wants something heated in the microwave he asks for it me to "hot it up." Predictably, I think this is adorable.

*Speaking of hotting it up, I am pretty sure we are living on the surface of the sun here. It has been so bloody hot and the humidity has been 70%+ every single day for more than a week now. You know it's bad when the van thermometer says the outside temp is 94 at 8 am and 108 by 11 am. Holy smokes. A few days ago Jack said to me, "Mom, it's like the desert!" Yea, but worse. So humid. Either way, he was VERY excited the first time he saw the thermometer reach 100. (Obviously me not so much.)

*I decided at the last minute to send Jack to vacation bible school this week. He protested heavily, but I forced the issue. He has really enjoyed it and has spent the week wandering around singing This little light of mine. I loved that song when I was small.

*I pushed the issue thinking it would be a nice break for me for a few hours each day, but seriously, I am EXHAUSTED. All the chauffeuring back and forth, plus play dates each afternoon. And swimming pools. And lunches. And on and on. I need a vacation from my vacation!

*With all the heat my house has acquired a serious bad smell. It's been closed up tight to try and keep it cool in here and now it STINKS. There was a big leak in the laundry room which caused a mildew explosion, but that has been cleaned up and I still cannot find the source of the smell. I have no idea what to do about that. (I even tried cleaning under the fridge.)

*As I am sitting here typing in the dead quiet of the morning I AM SURE THERE IS ANOTHER MOUSE IN HERE WITH ME! Eekkkkkkk. Wires are moving in the closet. Mice

*Also in the category of "it's so hot", I had to actually take down a chandelier and put up a ceiling fan. Gasp!

*Yesterday I went to 5 garage sales and 4 thrift stores and bought nothing. Nada. It's bad. And Goodwills around here are dead empty and have been for months. (While other thrifts are packed to the gills.) I wonder if people have stopped donating because of their ridiculous prices? I know I have.

*Ok, last thing. The buttons above are an insanely addictive, but VERY slow going, project. Buttons to cover are crazy expensive at the fabric stores, so I have been picking them up at the flea markets and yard sales. They are the perfect use for all those tiny scraps of feedsacks and vintage fabrics I cannot resist picking up. And I have a wonderful project in mind when I finally get enough of them!


  1. All those buttons together look gorgeous! Glad you let your Jack go to Bible School, I'm the "craft Lady" at ours, and I think all the kids usually have a good time :)

    Your stinky house problem made me laugh (sorry!) reminded me of a few months back, I had a potato roll out of it's basket, rot, and stink up my entire house! I swore I would never let anyone into my house again till I found the source!

  2. Anonymous6:43 AM

    And here's me with buttons I have no plans to cover, opposite problem.
    Oh yes I love those mysterious house smells. At our last house the hot water tank leaked under the laundry lino and through the wall into the toilet so that laundry leak could be anywhere under your floor.

  3. A rotten potato is pretty foul. But you know what's worse? A dead mouse! Who would think such a tiny creature could create such a smell?! If you know where they hang out, start looking...

  4. Loving your buttons - they are super addictive. I love how tidy they look after you finish each one - I pick my buttons up at estate/garage sales as well. Eager to see your finished project...did you see the one I did where I swapped out the buttons on a cardigan (easy and cute, very anthropologie )
    I would not be surviving the HOT - I get sooo cranky and a terror to live with - nothing above about 80 for me. Good luck with the mouse and the stink...hopefully the mouse is a figment of some heat induced imagination.

  5. Looking forward to seeing the button project!

    Ugh. That's all I have to say about this heat wave. It's miserable.

  6. I was in Death Valley in August (for work) one time. It was hot...but not THIS hot. Love the buttons!

  7. The buttons are darling. Summer can be so hectic. I'm often glad by the end of the summer that cooler weather makes me do less. The mice thing is gross. I've had similar problems in the past. Disgusting. Sorry about that. I feel exactly like you do. When we had a flood in our home 2 years ago we found where they had been coming in and haven't had any since then. But I was a wreck for a year while we had mice. And after the flood during the clean up - ickkky. Dead mice. Awful stuff. We just had to replace our water heater and guess what. Yes. A very very old dead mouse under the water heater. I am still shivering about that just thinking about it. I'm sorry. Hate mice too.

  8. Your buttons are too cute! I went through a cover button phase (my nieces all got hair stuff for Christmas with them). I hate funky house smells. Unfortunantly we don't have ac so my windows are open letting the heat in and keeping smells out.

  9. "Hot it up" now that's funny! And, cute!

    Yes, it is hot out. Nearly 100 again today. I went to a bunch of sales this morning and my hair was wet when I came home. Yuck. Time to stay IN and enjoy my nice cool (yet junky) house.

  10. Oh yes, and our mysterious house stink was when our deep freeze died and we didn't realize it. A whole tureky, bags of chicken, yeast rolls rising, bags of broccoli all thawed out to the point of rotting with melted ice cream soup at the bottom. I will never forget that smell....;o(

  11. I love those buttons. Covering buttons is something I like to do. But yours are cuter.

  12. I hate mice too - and saw one in our garage one night while I was trying to paint furniture. It was really bold and ran right past me. It has been my excuse to not paint at night and thus my projects are not getting done. I hope you don't really have a mouse!

  13. Love all those buttons together!

    I was wondering if the crazy goodwill prices were just a west coast/Seattle thing, but apparently not.

    Is it crazy that I am wishing for really hot temps like you have? :)

  14. I'm curious about the project because i have a baggie full and no idea what to do with them. Also, i think i have some odds and ends button kits from a rummage sale. I had high hopes of making some but haven't. I could send them your way *if* and when i find them.

  15. love, love the buttons. agree 100% about all of that. Yes, sometimes running kids to and fro to all their stuff is so not worth "the break." Glad he is liking VBS though. My kids will get to go soon too. Rotten potatoes are the worst smelling thing ever. And you can't even tell they are rotten by just looking at them. It's all underneath. Yuk. Just an idea of the mystery smell...

  16. On the subject of chauffeuring back and forth!
    I am feeling at my wits end with this very thing. Carving up my day with back and forth for each girl,
    swim team,camps,playdates,squeezing in Gym time 4 me . Back and forth I go. Honestly, I am STRESSED out and to make matters worse,I am feeling like a bad Mom,due to the ensuing exhaustion!

  17. Oooo I have tons of to cover buttons! Can't to see what you make. It's a bit sad over here, I haven't made a thing. And I keep staring at the afgha I need to finish for a Christening in 2 weeks but I never pick it up!

    Hot it up! :)


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