Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wascally Wabbit

Back in early June Jack was driving me a bit batty one afternoon looking for something to do. He really wanted to plant something, so I dug out a packet of carrot seeds I had gotten in the mail from some charity and sent him outside to "plant" them.

He scratched around a bit in our flower bed, declared them planted and I never thought about them again.

Until I was weeding a few weeks ago and noticed something that looked suspiciously like carrot greens in the flower beds.
He yanked one out just before we left for Chicago and what do you know! He actually planted and grew carrots.

I am trying to get him to leave the rest in the ground a little bit longer.

The trip to Chicago was a bit, well, insane. It was ridiculously hot there, the a/c in the hotel did not work like we are accustomed to, the beaches were very crowded and Jack was getting sick and running on very, very little sleep.

I have very few pictures of anything because we were all a bit crabby, LOL.
This house is somewhere on the Indiana shoreline and the shutters are to die for cute! (click to enlarge it)).
We visited Fair Oaks Dairy Farm, which was quite an adventure. (And I have a lot of mixed feelings about it oddly enough, but that's neither here nor there.)
And I managed to buy something at my favorite flea market.

Although usually I totally fill up my shopping cart at that flea and this year? Wow, I had a hard time finding ANYTHING to buy.

I guess the dry spell is back.

And with that, I have a sick kid to tend to (not strep, but he has painful lesions on his tonsils), a mountain of laundry to get washed (Jack would like me to know he has his very.last.pair.of.pajamas.ever on right now), and I am going away with just the girls for a girls weekend at the Lake of the Ozarks!

Wooooohooooo. :-)

See you next week with my latest crafting obsession.


  1. Lake of the Ozarks, WOW you are in my neighborhood. Well almost. south of Jefferson City, about 10 miles (if you don't blink) you will see Brazito which has a gas station a fire station and a church, I work just a block from the highway!

    Those shutters are great! Did you see the lady of the house is actually washing windows?

    Have fun at the lake!!!!

  2. have a fun girls trip you deserve it! I love Jacks Carrot, so cute!

  3. Have fun at the Lake of the Ozarks! You deserve a bit of girly alone time.

  4. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Maybe for next time.....if it is a window unit....just take out the air filter and it was probably dirty. We stayed in a mom and pop motel once and the a/c worked horribly....I took out the filter and you wouldn't believe how dirty it I just left it out and the a/c was VERY cool then....have fun on your girls weekend..sounds like a blast. Jack's year he will want his own 'patch' . :)

  5. Cute! Way to go Farmer Jack!

  6. It definitely sounds like you need a little vacation after your vacation! I thought about you being in Chicago that weekend, the weekend of the Air and Water Show, when hundreds of thousands of people are on the beach. And it's hotter than Hades. Yuk! I hope you have a great Girls Gone Wild Weekend! Don't get into too much trouble!

  7. We stayed at a hotel last Spring and it was stuffy in there. It was one of those wall units like all hotels seem to have - Anyway, we reached under it and pulled out a slipper, three socks, a Frito bag, a smll stuffed animal and I don't remember what all else. It worked great after that. We were a bit skeeved about the housekeeping though.

    Have fun at the lake!

  8. How wonderful for jack that he grew some carrots. Have a fun girls weekend

  9. Hi! your comment about the dairy farm tour piqued my curiousity... i'm a dairy farmer in minnesota and am thinking about doing a farm tour. if you don't mind my asking, what made you go visit a farm? what did you enjoy seeing? was there anything that grossed you out? what didn't you like? sorry that was a lot of questions... my email is if you want to/ have time to answer my questions... Thanks!

  10. I talk about you on my blog. . . hope you enjoyed the Lake of the Ozarks!! Marshall's there is my favorite store.

  11. Yay Jack. I think he'll need his own plot next year. Imagine how long it might occupy a child shucking piles of peas....


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