Thursday, September 10, 2009

61 miles of yard sales

Despite being in the middle of cleaning out my "other house", Dave and I went on our annual 61 Yard Sale trip last Friday.

It was much needed time away for us, and we found lots of stuff to buy this year.

We are in the midst of clearing my mother's things out of the basement right now, so it is going to take me a few days to show you the photos, but here's a start!
We found old glass door knobs.

I had toyed with the idea of using them on the doors in the new house, but it's apparently quite expensive to make old knobs work (you need a retrofit kit), so these will be used in some other type of project.
A big white glittery Christmas house in need of some serious renovation. (The price was right. She had a second one that I didn't buy and now I have regrets about that, lol.)
And feedsacks. There are 3 of the blue ones, and they are so crisp and never washed.

I left this picture looking crazy because the camera did something weird to it? It's like it split it in half and then reversed half of it.

Back soon with more!


  1. You might enjoy using the doorknobs for hanging curtains. I have done that in my house. I have attached three or four above each window, then used vintage fabric in a strip and tied to the knobs with pretty ribbon. We have vintage doorknobs on the doors...and oh my goodness...they are a pain keeping them in working order.

  2. Lucky you! So fun, can't wait to see all the other goodies!

  3. I love glass knobs. I like Melony's idea to hang curtains.

    Cameras do crazy things. When my girls were little I took their pic with Santa at the mall with my little 110, (remember those?) we also took pics of our tree and when they were developed my girls were sitting in Santas lapin front of our tree at home. Love that pic.

  4. I love the knobs! That house is really cute, too!

  5. You've probably already thought about a coat rack with those knobs.

    Wish there was a big big yard sale around here.

  6. more feedsacks! i went to a quilt show this summer where there was a beautiful quilt made out of feedsacks. it made me think of you! if i ever get the picture from my mom (forgot my camera that day), i will post it!
    the knobs are great, too. i like to put them in the garden for a bit of sparkle. (maybe that is strange...)

  7. Sounds like a lot of fun! You deserve a break, working so hard these past weeks! Love the doorknobs! I've hoarded a few myself. And feedsacks....right up my alley, too! Thanks for sharing them!

  8. Is there anything I can say about the feedsacks I haven't said a hundred times before? (And always on your blog, I believe.) Our house came with that kind of doorknob on all of the doors - they are just such a nice touch, and I sometimes forget how much I like them until I see a photo like yours.

  9. those door knobs are amazing! what a GREAT find! so glad you guys got to go do that - Nathan and I were just wishing we could go on a little road trip together like we did a few years back. I think we need a getaway soon...


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