Friday, September 11, 2009

Cross my heart

(I wish I had a better photo of the first quilt, but the mosquitoes are ridiculous right now.)

I swear to you that I was not going to the 61 mile yard sale to buy quilts. We are moving house and my list of wants is bigger than quilts. I need a buffet! I need a dining room table! I need dining room chairs! I want wallpaper! and on and on.

But they just keep coming to me.
I bought the doorknobs from the guy who had this quilt. We were negotiating the price of the doorknobs, we agreed on a price, paid and were moving on. I kept petting the quilt, but I WAS NOT GOING TO BUY IT. The yellows are all different and all of the black centers are shattered.

Nope, not going to buy it.

Not me.
I do not want that quilt.
That quilt is not meant to be mine.

And then fatal words were uttered.

"Give me back that five dollars in change and take the quilt."


FIVE dollars?

I am buying that quilt.

(Come on now. I agree that the quilt thing is bordering on embarrassing at this point. Would you have left it sitting there for five dollars?)
Now this one, on the other hand, I did set out to buy. We drove past it, the lavender color caught my eye and I made David turn around.
The lady I bought it from said it was 15 years old and she never used it, just kept it in a bag the whole time. (!!)
It's machine quilted and sweet. (And because I know you want to know, it was $10. See what I mean??!?)


  1. i would have bought them both too! i have been using my quilts as padding in my packing...3/4 box vtg pottery...1/4 box vtg quilt.

  2. I like that first one - You don't see a lot of black in old quilts. I happen to like the ones with teh shattered spots - I know it is old and it was loved because it was used!

  3. I agree that it would have been plain WRONG to insult those poor quilts further by refusing to buy give them a home at those prices. You did the right thing!

  4. $5 and $10? How could you say no?

    So... did you find a dining room table?

  5. Those are both awesome! Love the colors!

  6. Nope, I wouldn't have left them. My bedroom growing up was lavender, so I'm completely enjoying your phase. Don't you think those black centers would be really easy to repair (should you be so inclined)? Just a little hexagon appliqued over? It's a wonderful quilt.

  7. No! I would not have. You are lucky. There is NO WAY you could buy that here for $5. It just wouldn’t happen! The lavender is pretty too.

    And I made another (ok two more) trips to Big Lots. It’s getting embarrassing. Thank you so much for offering to check on the flower kits, but I lucked out at the last store. I put up a photo of my stash.

  8. Who in the world could blame you for picking up those two beauties for a combined total of $15!? :)

    Also wanted to let you know that I moved my blog to a new location and have a few new surprises up my sleeve! To kick things off, I have a free downloadable gift. Stop by if you get a chance. :) The new address is:



  9. lovely to catch up with you.

  10. You should be ashamed of yourself for even considering leaving any quilt behind, for $5! Don't you understand by now that you were put on this earth to be Jack's mom and save old quilts? They find YOU, I swear it! Oh, to have such powers..


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