Monday, September 07, 2009

I don't mean to be alarmist, but

You really should get off the computer and go to Big Lots again.

Mine had LOADS of the craft kits, all at $2.

Since some of these have 4 or 5 bottles of glitter in them, I made sure to get at least one of everything that interested me. But there were certainly a lot more choices if none of these look thrilling. (Lots of the ones to make with kids - pipecleaner animals, puppets, balloon friends, felt jewelery etc. Their ad shows the small scrapbooks, but I couldn't find any of those. I've also seen butterfly mobiles on the internet, but I didn't see those either.)

And then take a photo of what you bought so we can all see it!

In other news, we have completely filled a 40 cubic yard dumpster at "my other house", aka my grandparents house, and we are not done yet. (And that is NOT demo, just cleaning out the contents.)

I hit some kind of really bad place mentally and physically yesterday and it wasn't pretty. I am fighting hard not to be sucked into a pit of despair over how much work that house needs, how bad the smell over there still seems to be and the total lack of cooperation from my "family".

I am hoping to spend today crafting, sewing, resting and otherwise enjoying my clean, non-smelly house.

I miss hearing from you guys in my email box.

Talk to me, what are you up to? :-)


  1. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Wish I was closer to a big lots to go and snatch up some goodies. Sounds like you are getting tons(lol) done at the 'new' house. When I get tired...I get weepy. Good idea to take a break. It will take time, can't move the mt. all in one day. Sounds like you are having some craft therapy. Good idea. What could be better. I am going to make a suggestion...take it or leave it...but , it is meant to be helpful. Unless, it really needs done at the 'new' house . You may want to put off doing extra work on it. Just get it cleaned up and I am betting there are a lot of things you can live with once you get your things in there. If you are going to paint that will change the smell of the house tremendously. Always open up all the windows and doors while you are there.....a good 'airing' will help a lot. Incense, good smelling candles, in a safe place of course. Some of the perfume you love sprayed in the air , on the curtains, so it is caught in the breeze while the breeze is blowing in. Hope you feel better after crafting...oh , heck, I know you will !

  2. ooh, such fun craft kits, sure wish I had some $$ to go buy a few:( Just packing and selling big items on craigslist. SO not fun either, but at least not smelly! Enjoy your crafting!

  3. There is a new Big Lots being built in town and I am on pins and needles waiting for them to open hoping they will have more MS stuff. They have a bunch on clearance at Wal-Mart, but they are still sitting at $5.00. I bought a couple card kits, but will wait for them to go lower. Those card kits are ridiculously easy - peel off a sticker backing and the glitter adheres. I was expecting to paint the glue on tediously and apply the glitter.

    My in-laws saved every.single.scrap of paper that entered their lives for ffty years. We had to sort through pay stubs, bill receipts, etc. looking for insurance papers, stock papers, etc. They had them all "filed" in Walmart sacks and stuffed into the drwaers, closets, rafters, everywhere. I kid you not. And, there was mold. Lots of mold. Mold that grew in the closet and on the clothes making every single piece go straight to the dumpster. And, there were canned goods that expired fifteen years ago. And you know what? They had only lived there ten years. They moved in with five year old cans of food. We filled a dumpster to the top, sold only $500.00 worth of crap (literally) at a yard sale and gave the rest to a sweet Mexican family that stopped in with very little money and no furniture. I had never felt so dirty and just yucky in my whole life. I tell you this oly so you will see that I understand. I really, really do. But, I know it is even harder for you since you loved them with all your heart. My in-laws? Not so much.

  4. I was thinking about you all weekend and sending good cleaning vibes. Sorry it was still rough (these things always are, aren't they?). Hope the family steps up.

    The craft kits are great. Too bad I won't be able to get to one soon! Hugs!

  5. Great kits! Hmm. I might have to go over there. I haven't done much of anything fun today! I just got home from grocery shopping with a child who really didn't want to be there. I'm sure you can imagine the fun that was had by all! :) I also framed a painting with a frame I found at a local flea market. I actually thought of you when I bought it! I just did a blog post - take a look at it and tell me I wasn't channeling you at that moment! :)

  6. Thanks for the tip on Big Lots. I'm always excited about crafting deals.

    After my grandfather died, we purchased his house and I remember the smell of burnt coffee and burnt toast filling the air for weeks. Once the carpet was ripped out and the fresh paint hit the walls, the smell left. His memories were always there though. Please know that I'm thinking of you. Hugs!!

    PS. Over the long weekend, we've been busy putting together Halloween crafts. Sneak peeks are now available on the blog.

  7. Thanks for the tip about the craft kits!

    Hang in there with the house clean out. When my husband's dad died, Brent and I were the only ones *available* to clean out his parents' house as his mom prepared to move into a condo. My father-in-law was a pack rat, and had saved everything that had to do with the kids and stuff from when he cleaned out his own parents' house. We filled up multiple dumpsters, and felt so bad trashing all of those memories. But, at some point you have to steel your heart and just get it done. It took us 2 months' worth of weekends and we barely had any help. Later were accused by siblings of keeping all the "good stuff," which entailed an outdated laptop and a set of golf clubs. We invited those that complained to dig through the dumpster if they thought some more treasures might be hiding there.

  8. Okay, so where in the world is "your" Big Lots??? The one near me closed a few years back.

  9. Oh and I can appreciate the cleaning of the smelly places. My Grandparents lived in a house built by my great grandparents and it was so smelly. 100 years of collecting and filth and my grandmother couldn't get around for the last few years of her life and did not want anyone cleaning for her! I kid you not there were maggots in the bottom of her fridge!!!! So gross, I can't for the life of me understand why she would get so upset with us when we would clean her house while she was in the hospital. She may have been embarrassed, but we loved her and did not care how trashed her house was. It was at the point of no return when she finally passed and litterally everything had to be tossed, and unfortunately our family heritage sold. So sad. A flipper bought her house and built another home next door (they had a double lot). It really is too depressing to drive by even. Call me if you want help. I can have my mom keep my kiddos.

  10. When we first bought our house, it was stinky and smelly like no other. In fact, I was pregnant with my Jack (#3) and could barely handle the smell and sights I had to endure. We threw away 10 tons of trash that was left from the previous owners, who had divided the house into apartments and had stuff left over from long-gone tenants. It was terrible. But today, it is smell free. Well, unless you go into the bathroom and don't say I didn't warn you. There are SIX males living in this house. 'Nough said.

  11. You will get thru the house day at a time. I know it seems overwhelming and daunting, but you can take it all in baby steps...and they add up to big steps! At your suggestion I am headed over to big lots...cross your fingers! (YOU SCORED!)

  12. Wish I had a Big Lots closer!! I did just find the black eyed susan kit at Walmart for $2. but that is the only one!

    The only crafty thing I have on my agenda today is to fix a stack of school patrol vests for school..blah

    I did see a commercial for a paint that is supposed to cover up any smell?

  13. Thanks for the Big Lots tip... I will head over there after work tomorrow. Good luck with your "house cleaning"... because I lived in the area, I cleaned out when my grandmother moved into a nursing facility and then again after she passed. A sense of humor helped me get thru the process... she saved everything... and I mean EVERYTHING! We found an upper denture that was broken into two pieces wrapped in gauze and save in a jewelry box. What on earth could she have possibly saved that for?? We imagined and created all kinds of uses for it and today it is still a funny story that we tell when we are all together. I will keep you in my prayers that you can get thru this process with peace.

  14. I am right there with you on the house thing, only it's Daves mothers so I can't get involved. Plus its down south. I was hoping it would be cleaned out and for sale by the end of Sept. Not a chance, even the end of November might be a stretch. His sisters are nothing but a hindrance and if they were actually organised enough to hire a skip they could have thrown a TON of stuff away. So just know that you are not the only one suffering through the house dramas and you are doing better than us!

  15. I went to our Big Lots once and it was extremely scary. Except the employees. They were a little rough around the edges visually, but very very nice humble people. It is also in a scary part of a scary town. Maybe I should just check it out though. My kids are always begging for crafts.

    As for me, my hand is killing me. I'm pretty sure it is from cutting fabric. My cutting square is really slippery so I have to press down on it with all my might. It is just a bit concerning this time because the pain is radiating up my arm and to my fingers. I just did a small project recently so that scares me. I was waiting to get a few things organized around here before doing any major sewing. But now I'm wondering if I'll have to cut back on sewing, or find another solution to the hand strain.

  16. Oh no & Yeah! They closed my Big Lots. There is another...downtown. Maybe I can hit it on the weekend. Hmm?

    I was in a massive push to get every project done that I possibly could before school started and didn't leave the apartment all day. I had hoped to do some garage sales. Oh well. Good luck with your houses. It'a big tough work, but in the end, it will be just great I am sure.

  17. Eeeeeek! I will be heading there after I drop the Little One at school! Thanks for the heads up! :)

  18. sounds like you guys have been mighty busy. over here too. just the normal everyday busy though. no massive house cleaning...though we may need it!

  19. Thanks for letting me know about this. I stopped by today and bought a lot. I will be posting them tonight.

  20. So bummed that our Big Lots closed. I never knew they had such goodies...I rarely went in there.

    Like so many others that have posted, I too have a house cleaning story. Just about a year ago my parents and I helped my great aunt clean out her place. My great aunt and uncle had no children and we are the closest to them. My great uncle passed away and he saved everything, too. He was a "jack of all trades" and saved ANYTHING he thought he'd be able to use someday. We found empty tubes of medicated creams and used cans of them! My aunt said they came off a brother's house. We just wanted to help her get rid of some of these things. We filled the biggest dumpster we could find EASILY! We made 3 trips to the scrap metal yard and several trips to the hazardous waste depot! I was there everyday, 8 hours a day for over a week. That's when we said, "Enough." I was exhausted mentally and physically. We still need to go back but I haven't been "up" for it. So, I know your plight! I wish you all the strength you need to get through this!

    As for me, the auction season has picked up. I'm going to a really good one this weekend, about 50 minutes away. I think things will go really high, so I don't know if I'll come home with much. But, I love to go anyway! It's an education! The weekend of the 19th I'll be helping my quilting guild with our quilt show. I'm assigned to help the photographer. Then, I'll pull a shift of "white glove" showing quilts. Finally, helping with take down. Always something to do!

    Hugs to you!

  21. Anonymous8:09 PM

    Thanks for the great tip. I went because of you (haven't been there in ages) and found a wonderful selection. Got some for gifts too.
    I enjoy your blog. You do a great job.....I love to read about your
    projects and wonderful finds!

  22. Ok, so I just got back from my raid at Big Lots! There was only one flower kit which I bagged, but I wish there had been more. I posted a picture. Thanks for the tip!


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