Thursday, September 24, 2009

Playing with persimmons & a P.S.

Jack and I went to a friend's house to spend some "not busy with new house stuff" time and we picked up a bag full of persimmons that had already ripened and fallen to the ground.

I plan on trying to make persimmon freezer jam with them (yes, I know making anything with persimmons can go badly, I am hoping that doesn't happen!).

In the meantime I thought they were lovely and might make some nice photos.

It's been so long since I sat down and enjoyed taking pictures, I hope you'll indulge me.
Spilling out of a silver creamer...
Maybe a vintage napkin will add some life...
Getting closer (What? you don't have animal skulls kicking around your front porch?!?! Welcome to life with a biologist)...
Ahhhhh, maybe something for a Halloween blog banner?...
Let's try just that creamer again with fewer persimmons...
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I think I'm in love. Will it creep people out? It's sorta Georgia O'Keefe, no?
And one more go at a Halloween theme.

Last year all of my fall blog banners were acorns. There are going to be a few with persimmons in our future here for sure. LOL

And my P.S.:
That cat on my not too thrilled husband's lap is grandpa's cat! And look how close she is to our other female cat.

We've taken to calling her "our little inheritance" and as luck would have it she seems to be fitting in just fine. Gone is the crazy, semi-feral cat who was hiding in the ceilings and trying to climb up the walls backwards. She is a lap cat 100% now. She follows me every where and lordy is she a sweetie.

I am not sure I mentioned it here (I know I did on facebook), but when I took her in to be spayed she was actually very close to death. When the vet opened her up he found that she had a very serious infection in her uterus (which was twice as big as she is) and it was hard to remove without spilling the infection. He said she only had a few days at best to live if I had not brought her in when I did.

I am very thankful I insisted on trapping her when I did.

Back tomorrow with some thrift finds. I hope. Happy Thursday!


  1. Ohhhh I love persimmons. I have a recipe somewhere for persimmon cookies. They bake up fluffy and delish. I need to go find it now :)

  2. I thought of you today when I was out gathering acorns. And, now your acorn header is gone.

    I didn't realize Grandpa's kitty looked like your other three. Four big white cats!

  3. I love your new blog header. It's PERFECT for Halloween. As a cat lover, I'm so glad you were able to give your Grandpa's cat an extra life. It's almost the weekend. I can't wait to see your thrifty finds!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous, that persimmon photo! I liked seeing the progression - it's amazing when you realize something is just right. Nice work on that kitty rescue. Maybe she knows you saved her?

  5. I love the picture at the top of your blog. It is great. Glad to hear that your inheritance is doing well too. ;-) (This is Alexandra from John's account)

  6. That could have been why the cat was crazy acting. Animals do weird things when they don’t feel good. And yes, the skull thing creeps me a little. But so does Georgia O’Keefe :) I like the crow better. But then again, it may be because I was trying to find some today.

  7. Oh Sarah, that’s so true!  I got a really good laugh at that. No, there isn’t but when I find one I’ll try to calm it down. He he. By the way, did you want a butterfly mobile?

  8. Your inheritance cat is gorgeous, and she seems to have developed a very sweet spot in her heart for your husband. Am enjoying your reno on the house...I know it's a long hard haul, but at the end, you will have a home filled with love and memories...your Jack will certainly have no "swiss cheese" could he with persimmons and cool stuff galore? Happy Friday...almost *elaine*

  9. Oooh, I love the very first persimmon picture best!!! We had a tree when I was a kid but never made anything from the fruit. My mom and dad drilled holes in the seeds and mom used them in macrame necklaces she sold at craft fairs. I used to have some but have misplaced them. Save the seeds if you think about it!

    LOVE the kitties! So glad you were able to rescue her before she died!! Wow. She looks like a total sweetie too.


  10. Are you sure those persimmons are ripe? I thought it took a frost to ripen them. One bite into them and you will know!

  11. Awww, poor kitty didn't feel good -- now she'll love you forever for saving her life. Your pictures look great. I've never had persimmons before!

  12. I love to hear a kitty story with a happy ending. :)

    I love the new banner, very original!

  13. Your photos are FABULOUS!!! Truly wonderful. (just to make your heart at ease....I did ask anyone if they wanted the tote first;-)) Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. Gosh its been YEARS since I had a persimmon! I think we used to have a plant/bush (whatever), and we had friends that did. I dont think my kids have ever even seen one.

    I'm glad the kitty calmed down! Poor girl. What do your other kitties think of her?


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