Monday, October 26, 2009

On the seventh day of Halloween

On the seventh day of Halloween, the Great pumpkin gave to me:
The sweetest surprise in the mail! I love these and they are already hanging on the Halloween tree;
One completed pumpkinhead girl embroidery, orange thread on black and white dotted fabric, which I decided I didn't like very much so...
I did it again, in black thread on orange and white dotted fabric;
One completed batboy embroidery, in black thread on orange and white dotted fabric...
photographed twice as I try and work out the kinks in the new camera. It seems to REALLY pick up every little reflection in the glass unlike my old camera. But blocking the reflection made the photo look dull.

Oh boy, new camera drama. LOL

4 days and counting and I have the fabric for the costume cut out. I still cannot get to the sewing machine in the mess in that room though. Too bad the POD doesn't arrive until Nov 2.

*Embroidery patterns are free on Andrea Zuill's blog .


  1. Those are adorable!

  2. Anonymous6:35 AM

    I have an idea... go next door...knock..say...hi I am your new neighbor..wanted to introduce are some home made cookies....can I use your sewing machine? hee hee......too forward..nah..just think what good friends you will be then.


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