Sunday, November 01, 2009

And just like that

And just like that, Halloween is gone for another year.

But let's back up first.
We went to the ortho on Friday. He said Jack very well may have fractured his growth plate in the middle of his foot, but that there is no easy (cheap) way to know that, and that the treatment would still be the same anyway. Sooooooo, Jack is in an orthopedic boot for up to 3 weeks and then we will do another x-ray to see if there has been additional bone growth in that area. If there has been then he did have/does have a fracture.

He still absolutely refuses to bear weight on the foot without the boot on though.
Halloween flew by me this year in an absolute flurry of non-stop activity. I don't think we even watched one Halloween movie all the way through. (Sad for us, we love that stuff.)

One of our pumpkins had started to rot, so I let Jack draw on it with a marker.
There was pumpkin gutting, of course.
The big ones were FREEZING inside. It was too cold to stand having your hand in there for very long.
I've been reading a few Montessori blogs so I decided to let Jack in on the pumpkin carving for the first time this year.
Under Dad's careful supervision of course.
Jack REFUSED to let us carve this pumpkin the way I wanted to. He guarded it for quite awhile.
The tiny happy faces he drew on the too squishy ones.
I had to have Martha's snail and at least one toadstool. (The toadstools were dead easy to make, must make more of those another year.)
And the candy corn costume was apparently a big hit with the neighbors. (I stayed home to hand out candy this year.)
I think it turned out pretty sweet myself.
And Jack reported that "he was everyone's favorite!" while trick or treating.

The passing of this halloween is a little bittersweet. This is our last year in this house and this neighborhood is amazing on Halloween. I handed out 143 cans of play-doh! So many trick or treaters.

Now we are on to bigger things.

The pod is arriving tomorrow so I can start packing.

I have Jack's very first parent teacher conference at 9 am in the morning.

And, with any luck at all, this is the month we will be moving into our new house.

Welcome November.


  1. I've been anxious to hear about Jack's foot. His costume is just adorable. Best wishes with all the upcoming activities that this month brings for your family. Hugs!

    PS. I'm up to my eyeballs putting away decorations. I'm wishing I was a minimalist holiday decorator right about now...sigh.

  2. Jack's candy corn costume is adorable! And I LOVE that you handed out play doh; we opted out of participating this year for a lot of reasons...

  3. glad to hear that the foot felt alright enough for trick-or-treating - and the costume was awesome!
    good luck wit the packing and moving.

  4. Good luck with all the upcoming changes in November and I hope Jack heals and is back to his old lovable self soon. Those tiny pumpkin faces he drew on the bigger pumpkins were precious.

  5. The costume: excellent. The snail and toadstool: also excellent. The foot, the moving, the conference, etc.: good luck.

  6. oh, p.s. - awesome that you handed out play-doh.

  7. Great costume! And I love the pumpkins he made. I bet Halloween in the new house is going to rock!

  8. Darling costume! It's perfect. LOVE the punkins--the snail is awesome and I want to hug the toadstool. :)

    I truly hope November is easier on you than October has been. I know it's been rough!

  9. Too, too cute! Love the costume! You have the sweetest little boy (but you already knew that!)

    Hope his foot is already on the mend and that there is nothing "seriously" wrong with it!

  10. LOVE that costume. Can i steal that idea for my littles next year?

  11. Cutest candy corn ever btw!


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