Saturday, November 07, 2009

Goodbye Brady Bunch

We started the demo on the porch this weekend.

We are going from Brady Brunch:

To something a bit more traditional:
There will be round columns and vinyl fence railings and siding and all that good stuff soon.

We've gone from plain ceilings:

To more of a beadboard ceiling:
Which tomorrow will get painted blue!

And just for fun, let's enjoy some scans of my grandparents when they first moved into our new old house.
My gran tending to some kind of topiary near the front door. This must not have lasted long, I never remember any sort of topiaries in the yard, lol.
Gran near what will be Jack's new bedroom. She ALWAYS carried her purse everywhere. An early golden girls Sophia I suppose...

Behind the house you can see all the farm fields. That is totally filled with houses and a golf course now!
My grandparents doing some wierd Pulp Fiction impersonation. LOL (I never, ever saw my grandfather wear anything even remotely close to this kind of shirt. It makes me laugh.)

Dave and I love that dentil molding and wish it were still on the house.
And this is my uncle and a friend BBQ'ing in the area where the new french doors are that I showed you yesterday.

Back tomorrow with new paint on some parts of the house I hope!


  1. I love your house flash-back pics. Too fun. I can't wait to see the latest updates. Keep them coming!!!

  2. it will be fun to have a new look to the house but still have all the accumulated memories and stories. we only now bits of our house's history, and mostly it is a mystery, which is depressing.
    i did like the old porch of your house, with the darker beams, but i am totally in a retro-mode and am sure you will enjoy the new look.

  3. Anonymous5:32 AM

    Lovin' the old pictures. AND the new look to the house..fond old memories, fond newly made ones.

  4. Loved those family photos (they're classics!) and I'm bowled over with the remake you guys are doing. It's going to be gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I can't wait to see it with all of your stuff in place. (bet you can't either!)


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