Thursday, November 19, 2009

I fought the law...

and I won!!!! We have the much needed variance so we can finally work on the laundry room addition at the new house.

In other thrilling in our world news:
The new windows arrived today;
I bought yet another gallon of yellow paint;
I selected kitchen cabinet knobs;
Our IKEA cabinets are in and we are scheduled to go to Chicago next Weds to pick them up;
And I am one proud mama this week. Jack REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted this expensive ($100) Lego train. I told him he would have to save and earn the money himself. He patiently waited as we worked to sell some of his toys, an unwanted gift card and he earned extra money helping with chores.

Last week he finally had the money saved to buy the train so we bought it on line and he waited and waited for it to arrive.
Then when it arrived I started to get nervous. It's a 14+ age kit and I just *knew* I would be spending many frustrating hours putting the thing together for him.

Much to my surprise he worked diligently day and night for two solid days and he put it all together himself.

Totally cool. Yea for Jack!!

P.S. When he stayed with Oma last week I asked if he had seen Oma's cat. His reply? "Oma's cat is REALLY good at hide and seek." LOL


  1. Yay on the house news! And you have a very smart boy on your hands!


    He is a smart little boy and saved his money to buy it himself. Yay Mama for teaching that.

  3. Anonymous5:09 PM

    Go Jack! And yay, it sounds like a much needed good day!!

  4. Nothing feels better than beating city hall. Except, possibly, having a house with that incredible hexagon floor. I think I really want your house.

  5. Good for you and the variance (I had to google that to see what it was), and congrats on the knobs - we still have none for the kitchen or bathroom cupboards (apparently the people who lived here before never got around to that either). and yeah for jack! what fun to earn your own prize - and put it together!

  6. Congrats on some very good news - finally!


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