Friday, November 20, 2009

If I wasn't moving

If I wasn't in the middle of trying to finish a very stressful renovation and trying to get us packed up over here, I would:
Be making these elves!

Fancy up my umbrella

Try my hand at sweater refashioning

Stick my fingers in some french bread dough

Or experiment with dying some buttons for button trees!

What would you rather be doing?

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  1. I love the dyed buttons,I didn't know you could dye buttons!

    I have a gazillion pinecones...I have to try these elves . They are too cute!

  2. Aren't those elves adorable??? They really caught my eye too when I saw them at MSL!

  3. Oh love the buttons, thank you !!!! Clarice

  4. Those pine cone elves are simply adorable. I'm determined to drag out the glue, glitter and other supplies tomorrow. We've got turmoil in our house, but I need a craft escape.

    Best wishes with your own chaos.

  5. Those elves are adorable! And the umbrella! It reminds me of the little pink one I had a kid with my name on it. This one looks much nicer, but yet in the same girly way. Now if I can find one at a Dollar Store! I seam to be having no luck with those places!

  6. uh ... i just made TWO of those capelets ...

  7. oh, dude, those pine cone elves!!! stop adding things to my to-do list, sarah! :)

  8. So, I had to stop what I was doing yesterday (after I read this) and go on a pine cone hunt. I found some along the highway, pulled them off the branches from inside my car and raced home to create! The pinecones are still more elongated and not opened up, but they still made some CUTE elves! I used a spun cotton head on mine. Sewing those teeny mittens is a riot. I made a pair of shoes, a pair of mittens and a hat out of a piece felt smaller than a dollar bill.


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