Friday, November 06, 2009

Right about now

Right about now, I am:

* Very, very thankful for all of your kindnesses. It doesn't often seem like it out here in "cyberspace," but your comments do leave little fingerprints on my spirit. Whenever I find myself thinking this is all too damn hard right now I remind myself of one your emails which said, "It's worth having hope." Thank you for that. For all of it. Really.
*Busy loading things into the pod. I have a goal of 4 boxes per day, in the hopes of lessening the stress of moving. BUT, having the pod arrive was pretty emotional for all of us, neighbors included. It's real now. We are going.
* The freecycling madness has begun. I have some decent things to freecycle too (china, bedspreads, vintage crap, lol). If you are local I will put a note on facebook before I give it away to strangers. (If you are local and we aren't facebook friends email BUT that is not my facebook email, so don't try and find me with that email there.)
* Totally digging my new french doors. They are awesome, right?

* Totally NOT digging the fencing estimates. $11,000?!?!??! Holy Hell I would have to sell Jack to pay for that.

* Listening to this song over and over and over again.

* Still feeling pretty emotional about everything. I am pretty sure this is all the hormonal rollercoaster, but holy moses if ONE MORE PERSON ASKS IF MY GRANDPARENTS HOUSE IS FOR SALE I am going to lose my mind. Yes, I know it's huge and the lot is huge and the neighborhood is quiet! That's why we are moving in! :-) (I swear every.single.person.passing by on the street asks me this. Even contractors coming to bid ask me this.)

* Missing my grandparents quite a bit. See above emotional wreck bit. LOL

So, that's my story this week.

What's yours?


  1. Hang in there! My current stresses for this week are totally different. Ours involve adoption and meeting some of the members of the little girls family & the most stressful part...the home study (why do I feel I need to clean all my cupboards in case they want to look in there??? :D), finding a new location for our restaurant, remodeling finishing touches (crown and base molding, hanging doors, paint touch-up, new vent covers)and an ever growing list of this and that's...little things I keep remembering I need to do...and a growing list of the new projects on the way...I think the stress of the holidays approaching is getting to me too.

    I am loving your french doors!!! The house looks incredible, so different from the pictures you first posted. I think you will be very happy there and enjoy so many memories of your grandparents there!

  2. My current stresses are huge medical bills that I simply cannot pay, but no one cares they say, "Oh you can pay it off in five easy payment" of TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS EACH! Yes, I have two grand every month just lying around here. Uh-huh.

    But, I escaped those woes by enjoying the beuatiful Indian Summer (going to listen to that song in a minute) and going to the huge amount of yard sales that are still going on in November, it is crazy! Today I scored a vintage Las Vegas tablecloth and a huge jug chock full of cupcake picks. Total for both items......75¢. Ah, these are the days that make me swoooooon.
    Beter days ahead to all of us! *Clink*

  3. Your house is going to be amazing! I can't wait to see it completed. Oh and def let me know what you are freecycling, maybe a preview LOL!
    My current suckiness is that I am tired of doing everything ALONE!!! I am tired of sick kids, and I think I am getting sick, UGH! I hope it all pays off soon, but Kerry still has 8 months of this to go! I want a normal life.

  4. Anonymous4:21 PM

    Maybe a big 'NOT FOR SALE' sign in the front yard would do the trick and save you some heartache. OR a SOLD sign.
    Your move is in the works all right.

  5. Your grandparent's house looks fabulous and it must be if everyone is asking if it is for sale! Packing a little bit each day is definitely the way to go. I usually start trying to pack as soon as we know we are going to move and I really think it makes all the difference in the world. You have time to sort and decide what needs to be gotten rid of and then you don't have to deal with it when you get to your new place. I wish I were closer - I'd love to help, but please know that I'll be thinking of you and hoping that all goes as smoothly as possible!

  6. Moving sucks..... Unpacking is not going so great in this neck of the woods, I figure we will be moved all the way in ... in about 2 years at this rate! Your new old house looks like it is going to be a dream come true, hang in there!


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