Friday, November 13, 2009

What a week.

Well, this is yet another week I want to NEVER, EVER relive. LOL

On Tuesday I suddenly felt really ill. I phoned the doctor who said "yea, that's probably the flu. Stay home."

On Wednesday, still feeling terrible, we were all snuggled into the flowers bed watching Wheel of Fortune (Jack suddenly loves that show), when Dave went to feed the cats and noticed our big old boy, Whinger, was missing.

We started searching everywhere, the house, the garage, the yard. No cat. Onto the neighborhood we went, driving, knocking on doors. No cat.

Up.all.night Wednesday worrying about my cat. He is not an outside cat. It is 32 degrees. He has not eaten today. Where is he?

Thursday arrives, with me sicker than ever, and still no cat. We hung up signs, we called vet's offices, we went to the shelter. We searched endlessly. Walking the neighborhood, driving the neighborhood, driving nearby neighborhoods. Thursday night comes and still no cat.

At this point I have been throwing up and am ready to just have a nervous breakdown. After everything this year I cannot bear the thought of losing my lovey cat. The cat who naps with me every day, the cat whose umblical cord Dave cut when he was born! Our cat, gone.

In the middle of Survivor I get a spam email from the ad I had put on craigslist. I took the time to read it anyway, what could it hurt?

The email stressed over and over again that a housecat will not go far. It said "Please do not give up on your cat. Go out between 10 pm and 5 am and keep calling your cat." So I told Dave we would go out at 8 pm, 10 pm, midnight and 5 am and look for him again. Sick or not I am not going to let go of my cat that easily.

We make the rounds of 4 houses on each street close to us, as suggested by the SPAM email. Still no cat.

Get home, more despondent than ever. WHERE IS MY CAT?!?!

Dave goes out to the backyard to look again. He sits down on a cooler that we have lazily left out way too long and he heard the cat. He came rushing in the house looking for a flashlight, we go rushing out to the garage and there is my damn cat!

Overcome with joy and relief.

Now, a note to God (or whoever is in control of this dog and pony show called life), WE ARE FULL UP ON PROBLEMS. IT IS ENOUGH ALREADY. CANNOT HANDLE ANY MORE. NEED RETURN TO NORMAL LIFE IMMEDIATELY. NO MORE FUNNY BUSINESS.

Afraid that soon I will require a strait jacket...


  1. You've had one "bleep" of a week. I'm so sorry. May this weekend be EVERYTHING you need it to be. Now, go snuggle with your cat!


  2. So glad you found your cat! And hope you feel better soon!

  3. Many years ago we lost our dog... big snowstorm... spent hours and hours looking for her... kept thinking we could hear her but couldn't find her. Next afternoon hubby went out to start his brother's car (they left it with us to sell when they went to California) and there was the dog! She had hopped in unnoticed when he had started the car the morning before... but it was VERY stressful when we couldn't find her. Glad you had a happy ending... and praying things get better FAST!!

  4. I AM SO GLAD YOU CAT IS BACK. I've been thinking of you since you mentioned it on FB. HOLY CRAP.


  5. I am so, so, so very happy that you found your cat. When it rains, it pours, doesn't it? Here's hoping the rainbows come out soon.

  6. So glad you found your kitty. :)

  7. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Your cat may have been locked in a neighbor's garage all that time. I happens. They get out and are curious...

    Take care!
    Andrea in Calif

  8. Bad week! I hope your feeling better and the cat stays inside. Stay warm! It has been warm here...not looking forward to 32 degrees.

  9. Nine days our cat was gone, and the night I went out to sit on the deck stairs and have a good cry, guess who came peeping out? I am so glad your kitty's back. And yeah, really, I think you've got a break coming. Hope you're feeling better. (I got so caught up in the cat drama I kind of forgot that part of the story...some friend!)

  10. I am so glad you found your little, er, big, guy!

  11. I'm so glad you found your kitty. I would have been going crazy too at the thought of losing my kitty. I have to admit that you gave me a scare when you said your husband sat on the cooler. I thought maybe kitty got trapped in the cooler! Cats like to find the strangest places to sleep, so it wasn't out of the question!
    Hope you're feeling better today!

  12. Anonymous9:22 PM

    I totally agree with you on the straight jacket part! I've always read your blog, but now feel the need to write something and stress that I feel for you (as my three children beat each other with my $100 pillows). Total bedlum! On another note, I once lost my beloved cat that naps with me everyday. We moved into a rental house while we were building our new home. My cat got trapped underneath the house across the street for three weeks. I was out calling her one day and heard her weak cry. Never give up!


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