Sunday, February 28, 2010

Road Trip!

Before I even start the post I should mention that I changed the blog up a bit. New header, different colors, new links, etc. When I came here to post I thought I was on the wrong blog. Ha. I am a goofball.

I am in need of some adventure. In the past two months I have been spent so much time in this house, lying in bed or working. I needed to get out.

So yesterday we got up early, early and went to Nashville for their big flea market. It's been on our to do list for years, why not now?

It was not fabulous, but it's winter. Our own flea market is lucky to have 5 brave guys out there right now, so it was a welcome change. The prices were crazy high in my opinion, but I did buy a few things which I will show you tomorrow.

How about we look at things I didn't buy? LOL
Loads of chandeliers. They were all lovely and crazy expensive. Even a super duper tiny one was $150. I guess she doesn't know that the blue one I painted last weekend cost me a fiver. Snort.
Someone painted this one already, but the color is pretty bad. If I had liked the style of it more I would have bought it and repainted it, but I didn't love the leaves.
These were awesome. Huge and no clue what anyone would do with them, but awesome.
There were a lot of sweet quilts. But again with the prices. I think this was $125. Honestly you can buy this stuff a lot cheaper on Ebay. But don't tell anyone I told you so.
This chandelier would have been mine in a New York minute. I would have even paid a pretty penny for it. But yea, the price was $225! Come on now. Is there something in the water down here?*
The box of mismatched silver was cheap enough, but I have a drawer full already.

Let's look at few things that I think you should show your husband if he moans about the latest thing you have drug home from the thrift/flea. Just say, "Wellll, I could have bought that!"
This "lamp" was insane. First it is HUGE. Look at the shade that man is carrying! Second it was a B I G pile of sticks all twisted together with a tiny light bulb thrown on top of it. It gave us a good laugh the first time we saw it, but when I saw these folks proudly escorting it home I almost died. (DO click the photo to enlarge it.)

Mean, mean, mean, I know.

Don't want a big weird lamp?
How about a big weird Komodo dragon instead? That thing is big enough to eat Jack. It could have been yours for only $675.
We stopped in Metropolis IL on the way home. Dave and I have been here once before on a road trip and we wanted Jack to see the giant superman. He was a good sport about taking photos. (For once, lol.)
I should have stood a little closer so you could see his sassy pose. Ha.

It was nice to have a little unexpected adventure on a chilly Feb. weekend. I should try that every year!

*I've been to flea markets all over the world. Some are certainly more expensive than others. I would expect prices like this at an "antique show", but not a flea market where half the stuff was fake purses and imported sweat socks and stuff like that. Despite the prices, it was fun to look.


  1. I can't wait to see your goodies!! Looks like the perfect day and a wonderful excuse to get out of the house! Today I've hit the wall with our construction chaos. I'm tired of the mess, the piles and the never-ending dust. Our flooring guys better show up Monday.

  2. Sounds like a nice winter diversion. I agree that the prices were really high... don't they know what "flea market" means (cheap!) I can't wait to see what you brought home with you!

  3. Hmmm....Nashville. Might need to go check it out on Google maps! I could use a roadtrip!

    My word veriication is GRAMMITY. I like it - that is my new expletive! Grammity!

  4. I'm loving the Superman pose. Also - you did not bring home the dragon? I'm a little shocked.

  5. Hey you weren't to far from me! I live about an 45 min. or so from the big superman! Sounds like you had fun!

  6. How springie you look! Is springie a word?

  7. The prices and all the fake stuff is why I don't go the the Nashville flea market. But, you were only about 20 minutes from me!
    Glad you're feeling like getting out and about.

  8. My favorite pictures from the whole trip are the ones of Jack! So precious!

  9. Hmmm...I'm trying to figure out where you are...we use to live in Knoxville and LOVED going to Nashville to the Heart of Country Antique Show at the Opryland Hotel. Then, across the street, in three different motels, there were antique dealers with prices I could afford.

    Great finds ... even if not purchased. Even better way to get out and clear the head :oD ~j.

  10. That lamp has set me into a fit of giggles and I can't stop..oh my!


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