Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Buckets of flowers

I went out on Sunday looking for storage containers for a shelving unit I had painted on Saturday*. I was really hoping to find something in the dollar stores because I need 27 (!!) baskets for the storage shelf.

Wandering around Deals I found a bucket full of these tiny pink buckets. They are meant for baby shower favors, and they are only about 2 inches tall. I HAD to have them. Never mind that I had no idea what to do with them. (I think I bought 12 of them for $5.)
Then I had the brilliant idea to fill them with all of these millinery flowers I have been collecting (cough, hoarding).

I stuck them in Styrofoam so they will withstand the cats a little a better. I hope.
They are also hanging on the feather tree, which is filling up with Easter goodness!

* I have been painting for 6 days straight now. Maybe 7. Today it was 75 degrees and I had the windows open. I can hear everything that everyone walking by the house is saying and I heard the following today - "They just redid that whole house. I REALLY hope they are going to paint that."

HAHAHA! First of all, how rude!

Second, paint what??

In hindsight, I am pretty sure they meant my front door. The neighbors HATE my bright aqua door. I suppose it offends their delicate sensibilities. Ha.

And no, I won't be painting it. And no, it isn't primer.

And yes, I do hang my tablecloths on the garage door.

Welcome to the neighborhood!


  1. Really funny. I wish I had a bright aqua door.

  2. what sweet little buckets! and neighbors can be rude!! i always say...if you dont pay my mortgage..keep your opinions to yourself! and for the record i wish i had a colored door period..other than boring white. i think i'm going to kick it up a notch this summer without asking permission from my husband!

  3. Your little buckets are too charming and your tree is very sweet. Keep bringing on the pictures for inspiration!!

  4. You gotta love those nosey neighbors!
    Keep on painting girl!

  5. They are adorable! I love how they look on the white tree. I just bought two bunches of vintage posies and was planning to break them up for part of my egg swap eggs but know I don't know lol!

  6. Haha you gotta love opinionated neighbours. Can we see a pic of the door that so offends them? (I love aqua) We're going to have yet another boring glass door. Ugh.

  7. That is a perfect match! What is it about little buckets? I am always succumbiing to their charms. You did them justice with the flowers- for sure.

  8. To cute, love the tree ,they look adorable!

  9. I HAVE TO COMMENT on nosy people I painted the store last year red and I love it and the house white with a blue trim I was going for the scandinavian look!! my Lord you want to ruffle feathers in your community!! just repaint..

  10. Good for you and your bright aqua door.
    Cute idea with the little buckets

  11. Hahaha! I guess your neighbors don't share your sense of style. Those little buckets are adorable!


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