Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Nashville Flea Market loot

I didn't buy a whole lot in Nashville. But a few things managed to find their way back home with us.
A new frame. (Obviously a mirror at some point?) It's pretty big so I have no clue what to do with it, but it was still calling me after I had walked the entire flea, so home it came.
A pretty piece of white pottery. (I counted the pottery last week. Whoa. I have a lot of pots.) I couldn't believe this was still sitting there at 2 in the afternoon for 6 bucks.
A green blanket. I walked past this twice. As a blanket it is useless to me. It's heavy as all get out and it's been tied together with yarn. It just so happens that I bought this blanket in Nashville from one of my local flea market dealers. Yes, you read that right. I drove all the way to Nashville to buy things from the local guy. Ha.
Anyway, I kept thinking about all that good fabric and went back for it. It was 2 bucks. I washed it yesterday so I could start harvesting the fabric. When I peeked in a small tear I see a quilt inside. I wondered all day on Saturday what on earth was in there, LOL. I think the quilt is really beyond saving though, but I will let you see it when I get the fabric off of it.
And a basket quilt. Sorry the photo is all crazy. We still don't have a fence so I have to sneak over and use my neighbor's fence. (No laundry line yet either, it's hindering my blog photos!)

Trying to buy this quilt was kind of maddening. There were tons of people in the way and crammed into a crazy small little booth. No room to really spread the quilt out, which is necessary when buying a quilt.

It's a little worse for the wear than I thought it was. Oh well.
And just because I told you how crazy the prices were there I will tell you I paid $20 for it. It might have been the cheapest quilt in that entire flea market.
The baskets are sweet, though.

There you have it.

I have other interesting stuff I have thrifted to show you and I am thinking maybe we will look at some more of the new house. Maybe the giant pantry and the main floor laundry. Thrilling, no? LOL


  1. I would have bought all the same items! I am so excited, am going to the alameda flea market this weekend for the first time since being back in CA!!

  2. So many fabulous finds!!! I just love that quilt featuring all the baskets. Too sweet. I can't wait until the weather warms up and my outdoor markets are an option again.
    PS. I dreamed about tornadoes last night. This construction project is really getting to me.

  3. Love the basket quilt. I had one of my grandmother's quilts that was in dire shape and I took the pattern apart and matted and framed the pieces as gifts for my sisters. They were beautiful. And I love the white vase so unusual!

  4. So, hat is the total pottery count at you house? I lost count at my white pottery at 102. Now I have delved into pastel pottery (It's mostly your fault...) and I hven't even counted that stuff yet. Yikes. Potheads unite!

  5. I'm telling ya in the South blankets are cheap.

  6. That huge frame would make one of those great chalkboards that I'm sure you've seen all over blogland! I love that blanket. It's so Springy! And I would've grabbed that basket quilt too. See more of your house? Yes, please!

  7. One of my favourite things to do with empty frames is take photos of people holding them. Or hanging them up on the wall over the wallpaper or something. Empty frames are so cool. That one is really lovely too.

    i love flea markets for finding old portrait frames. My house is full of them.

  8. Hey, I'd be thrilled to have a big pantry or a decent laundry room, so bring it on! I heart that green fabric.

  9. Great finds! Love the quilt the best!

  10. I was at the Nashville Flea Market this Saturday, too! :) It is a little pricey. My favorites for the little trinkety stuff are the first two stalls on the far right inside the antique building. This month, I only made off with a couple vintage decks of cards, some antique bead necklaces and two tiny kitten figurines.

  11. I love love LOVE the green fabrics!!


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