Monday, March 22, 2010

The painted quilt cabinet

Another one bites the dust! I finished the quilt cabinet makeover this weekend. One project down, 999,000 to go. LOL
David made this cabinet for me 8 or 9 years ago after we saw one I LOVED in an antique store that was insanely expensive (around $1400). He always intended to paint it, but it never happened. And honestly, I didn't hate it just being pine.

But over the years the pine started to get dark and look blech.

I really was going to paint it that green that I had tried on it in this photo. But that paint (a freebie from the internet) was an eggshell finish and I really prefer at least a satin finish on furniture.
Then I stumbled on a pink mistint at Wal-mart that was 50% off and I KNEW it was going to pink.

It is nice in pink. Lovely in pink. It is, however, taking some getting used to! I was quite accustomed to the pine. (Seeing it in the picture makes me love it more I think.)
I decided not to paint the inside for a myriad of reasons. First, it would have been darn hard to paint in there. Second, I was worried about how long the paint would have to cure without getting stuck to my quilts. You can't really see any of the inside anyway. Right now you can see a little of the shelves, but I have more quilts I can put in there.

While we were updating it we went ahead and removed the screens and put in chicken wire in it's place. The cats were totally shredding the screens and they were falling out.
And then I went and brought home yet another project yesterday. LOL I want a chair for our bedroom. Two or three years ago my mom and I were in the thrift and I spotted this chair. (I think it was one of a pair actually. Pity we left the other behind.) I LOVED it but we had NO room for it.

So my mom bought it and has been using it in her apartment and she said I could have it now.
I kind of love the current upholstery, which is truer in color in this photo. But it's really grungy and Dave says it does not work with our (Which it really doesn't, but still, I like it.)

I have an idea on how to make this chair over, but man is it ambitious.

It might be a little scary.

And it's going to take me awhile to work up the nerve to do it. LOL

In the meantime I better tackle a smaller project. Like the bench for the hallway.

*To answer a few questions:
- The yellow in our hallway/living room/etc is Summer Wish from Valspar at Lowes. (Yellow is a HARD color. Try a few yellows to find one that works in *your* house. This yellow is actually brighter than the yellow at our old house, but this house is a little darker inside, so it can carry the brighter yellow.)
- The pink on the cabinet is pink spangles, color place, from wal-mart, but mine is a mistint, so I am not sure what it was supposed to look like.
- The blue in the kitchen is bird's song, a valspar "signature" color at Lowes.
- When do I do all this painting?? When Jack is at preschool! I love preschool. :-)


  1. I can't believe you didn't want to crawl into that cabinet and paint the inside! I love it in pink, and I didn't know Mr. Projik made it. He did a fantastic job! And if you're thinking of reupholstering that chair....I KNOW you can do it!
    Happy Monday!
    P.S. Thanks for emailing me those paint colors!

  2. I love the pink cabinet-and I like the chicken wire better than the screens.

    If you make over the chair will you post pics on how you did it? I have a similar chair that my cat did a number on but am too intimidated to touch.

  3. What a fantastic hubby you have. It's just a lovely cabinet and the color is so fun. I can't wait to see how the chair turns out.

  4. oh I love that chair I think you must go back for the other one, a family should not be split, haha

    and the pink cabinet is just as cute as I imagined, have a great day!

  5. The cabinet looks great Sarah -- I like it even better in pink. I can't wait to see what you do with that chair!

  6. It looks so pretty in pink! The chicken wire is just perfect for it, too! What a great quilt collection! Thanks for sharing your paint colors!

  7. I bought a fabulous pair of wing back chairs at a yard sale & have been trying to put off redoing them too...I bought a pattern online to make a cover for them for $7, but thinks it might just be easier to recover I am going to put it off a while longer : )

  8. I love it, as I knew I would. I think that is the perfect color. It picks up the pinks in the quilts. That's awesome that your hubby made it! I like the chair as it is too, but I'm sure if will look even better when you are done with it.

  9. I have a solid mint green chair that is styled a lot like yours. If you want to try to recover mine first you can! LOL

  10. Are you thinking "slipcover" for the chair? There are a ton of people in blogland doing it. I did one and now moving on to our dining room chairs. Just for fun and to use on special occasions. Unless I really like them and want to keep them on more. Ooo I can't wait to see what you do!

  11. The pink is perfect, and you were smart to not paint the inside. But as for that reupholstering project - well, write when it's finished.

  12. Love the pink you painted on the quilt cabinet. It would have been such a waste of precious time painting the inside when you can't see it anyway.

  13. wow he MADE that? thats awesome! I love the new look of it.....just beautiful with all those quilts stacked inside!
    ANd I always see chairs that I think I can do over...but way to scared to tackle! How about trying a slipcover rather than completely re doing it?

  14. I reupholstered a chair once and am going to do another one. Challenging, but rewarding. Good luck. I recommend lots of books from the library to help!

  15. The pink cabinet is lovely. It is fresh and perfect for your vintage quilts. There is something so irresistible about quilts stacked up. The chair is great. Too bad the fabric is old and dingy. I have several projects I need to recover but I'm too busy and too afraid to do it.

  16. I totally love the cabinet in pink! :) It turned out great. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the chair!

  17. The cabinet turned out GREAT! Love the pink with the chicken wire!

    The chair is nice. I agree the fabric is awesome, but if it's worn, I suppose it has to go....

    Have you thought about a slipcover? I bought a $2 chair a few years ago and slipcovered it myself with some blue ticking with blue piping. I love it!

  18. tammyCA10:48 PM

    Just love all your painted furniture and make-overs. The blue beadboard on the kitchen island, the duck blue entry table, pink cabinet, yellow walls...we like the same colors & styles...only wish mine looked as clean & put together as yours! :) Ah, someday soon I hope.

  19. Yep. It's purty in pink. The quilt collection is to die for, too!

  20. Your quilt cabinet turned out awesome! The pink was a nice surprise! I'm envious of your quilt collection!

  21. It looks great in pink!

    I can recover seats, but a whole chair scares me too!

  22. What a pretty cabinet! I love the chicken wire on the doors!

    Are you going to slipcover the chair or reupolster it? Either way you are very brave! :) (I bet it will turn out lovely though! I just don't think I could do the math to figure out either :)


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