Thursday, March 11, 2010

Picture Perfect Memories

My mom brought this picture over for me on Saturday when she came to play with Jack. It's my grandpa and I in 1975. I had set it on the kitchen counter and when we were eating dinner I was struck by how similar it was to a photo I always keep on the fridge:
A picture of my grandpa and Jack in April 2005.

I think I will frame them both in the same frame.

It's been more than 3 months since we moved into my grandparent's house. Lately I have been thinking of them often. Of how upset they would be over all the family drama that is still going on. And of how many incredible gifts they have given to me.

I sit out in the yard with Jack in the afternoons and think about learning to walk here, learning to ride a bike here, learning to drive here, learning to make a Thanksgiving turkey here.

I think about being out there painting furniture for my now grown up house and remember how I painted a whole apartment full of furniture in the garage when I was 18 and about to move into my first apartment.

It really is an interesting (and becoming weirdly wonderful) experience. I wish I had realized when he was alive what a gift this would be instead of feeling so damn conflicted about it all then.

In other news...
I know a few of you were curious about the boxes that Martha Stewart box gadget makes. These are pretty simple, but they are easy and effective. I think it's worth the $10 (use a coupon!). (And of course, Martha makes super cute boxes with hers using patterned cardstock and ribbons, etc.)
A few of you also wanted to see the front door. Here she is in all her glory. Complete with our post it note house number (I NEED a vintage marquee number for a house number, but they are hard to find!), my Halloween door mat (ahem), and Jack's no shoes allowed sign. Just keeping it real here, lol.

Clearly I need a new mat and I think a plant to the left of the door would be swell.
We met Dave for lunch today which meant an actual trip to the mall. I always visit Pottery Barn Kids so I can dream big (a.k.a. WAY beyond my pocketbook). Imagine my delight when I snatched up a Liberty of London duvet cover for $30. It was supposed to be 60% off and twin sized, but when I got it home I discovered it was actually a queen, making it more like 80% off.

Goodness the cotton on this thing is DELICIOUS.

You can see that Whinger gives it his seal of approval. LOL

Ok, I have to get my wild child back out into the yard. Back soon with some of those painting projects. Pinky swear.


  1. What sweet pictures of your grandpa. How nice that you can share those with Jack too. Your blue door is DIVINE. You lucky girl on your deal of the day!!! I hope you get some snuggle time in that later this evening.

    PS. I posted construction pics of the mudroom transformation today. We're soooo close now. I just want the contractors out of my house!!!

  2. I'm loving the aqua door! I think it is rather inviting!

    The pictures are so sweet and baby Jack looks a lot like you. One of the things I have learned is time will change things. Your grandparents are in heaven and they know exactly how thankful you are for them now.

    Comforting to think about but I'm sure your Grandpa is holding your baby angels just like he did you and Jack.


  3. I love your door color. And the Spring wreath looks great with it.
    The 2 pictures are an awesome thing to have.
    I am so glad you have good memories in your heart of your house.

  4. I never, ever saw that cat. Good thing I don't live there or I'd have flopped right down on top of him. The pictures are lovely, and so is the aqua door - that's the one your neighbors hope you're going to paint? Don't you dare.

  5. Oh -- those pictures are sure a treasure Sarah! And how could anyone not like that front door? It's beautiful!

  6. That is so sweet the pictures of you with your grandpa a real treasure..I will never understand family drama, but it seems to always pop up doesn't it... P.S. LOVE THE DOOR!!!!!!!!

  7. So, now I have Lady Antebellum running through my head.....Scattered all around the floor.....(love that song).

    I love your aqua door too. And the photos are great. I have a photo of me, my Mom, the DH and the kid all taken at the same age and we are all sitting in the same position. It's neat when things turn out like that.

  8. ahh - i've been eyeing that martha tool. Glad to see it's worth the cash!

    the pics of your grandpa w/Jack are super sweet :)

  9. The pics of you and Jack and your Grandpa brought tears to my eyes. How sweet to have those remembrances.
    Your front door is beautiful, so Springy. It will look even better when you get it all accessorized, I just know it.
    Great score at Pottery Barn! Why can't I ever be so lucky?!

  10. Let me know what style of numbers you are looking for. I have 3 different architectural salvages places fairly close to me that I could scope out for you plus I have seen some cool numbers at some estate sales which should be starting up again soon. YEAH Spring Sales!!! I just never found the numbers I needed or in the right size. Email me with your specifics and I will keep my eye out for you.

  11. I think the door is gorgeous!

    I have found some decent priced marquee numbers on Etsy.

  12. Anonymous7:48 PM

    I'm little bit dissapointed in your door. I was hoping for something a bit more controversial. Your door is quite lovely, I really like that colour.


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