Sunday, March 07, 2010

Quack Quack, ducklings!

Over the winter I bought this sweet little crib sheet in the thrift store because the ducklings were just too cute to pass up.

I knew I wanted to make something for Easter with them, so yesterday I started cutting them apart.
While I was cutting, my trusty assistant was sewing*. (He threaded the needle all by himself!)
It isn't very often that I make something that turns out *just* like I had imagined, but the little duckling ornaments certainly did. I just sewed the cut out ducks onto pieces of wool felt cut into egg shapes with my scalloped scissors.
The Easter tree is starting to fill out already and I haven't even gotten the bin out of the basement yet. :-)

*Jack and I have both been making a lot of things this past week. It's a sure sign that life is finally returning to normal around here. Remodeling the house really was a long journey!


  1. I love your duckling ornaments Sarah! But I love the fact that Jack can sew even more! I think every well-rounded man should know how!
    Happy Sunday!

  2. That is just too cute for words.

  3. They are just too cute. How nice that Jack helped out too. I can't wait to see your Easter tree all decked out. I'm glad you're back to crafting again. I was up until midnight working on candy cups and an Easter wreath. I gave into cleaning drywall dust all day Saturday and then played all night long. Will the drywall dust ever go away? Please tell me yes!!!

  4. Oh my word! Those duck ornaments are the bees knees! Too cute!

  5. I love them, this is going to be great! I just found you this morning over coffee what an inspiration!!!

  6. Anonymous4:07 PM

    Today was my first time on your site. Imagine my surprise, I made the very same duckling crib sheet 30 years ago for my son. Also, I now own 6 of my grandmothers old tattered and torn quilts. How am I suppose to wash them?
    dwsmithm at aol

  7. ADORABLE!!! Adler LOVES ducks :) That is a fabulous idea, I may have to copy your idea!

  8. These are great! I often pick up little embroidered things and never know what to do with them!

  9. These are adorable. I'm always buying bits of embroidered pieces, never knowing what to do with them.

    Love the Safari hat and binoculars waiting for the next adventure!

  10. These are gorgeous!!!

  11. That is completely adorable!

  12. Anonymous7:24 AM

    I feel glad that you're working and back to what's normal in your life! The ducklings are so cute! I wish we'd had a fun Easter celebration at church someday. But the big celebration would be my birthday!


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