Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Remodel additions - a laundry room and a pantry

My grandparents house had a two car garage. Which is wonderful. Except it is a rear entry garage and they way we are situated on the lot there is no easy to make the garage a front entry, which makes it kind of useless for parking cars in.

I wanted to turn half the garage into main floor laundry and a big pantry. The city, however, was not immediately keen on the idea and we had to wait a long time and go before the city council to get approval.

Which we finally got in November.

And then the contractor walked off the job and all that was done out here was the framing!

Thank Goodness for my Dad and my brother, who both came out here every day for two weeks and finished most of the addition for us. Our handyman was still finishing this part of the house around New Year's (adding the tile and doing the mudding and taping). And there is still work to be done out here. The window and door casings need paint, the pocket door is unfinished, the outside door needs paint, we never put the nicer things around the appliance hook ups, the chandelier in the laundry room needs to be reworked, etc.

But the last part of the job to be done is also the best part. Easily.
I have HUGE walk in pantry now. (Total of both rooms is about 200 sq ft.) Room for everything under the sun - costco sized packs of toilet paper, extra appliances...
canning jars, serving dishes for holidays and the upright freezer! I used to have go out of the house, go across the patio and go into the dark scary wet garage to use the upright freezer at the little house.

My girlfriend's husband saw the chandelier in here and said "now the chandelier? That's just bragging." It still makes me laugh.
The other half is my laundry room. (There is a wall between the two.) I told you that IKEA chandelier was a mess! Why do they make that thing so it would hang near the floor? LOL
Room to hang coats and keys. I want to recover that rolling hamper thing on wheels. I picked it up at an estate sale and the cover is just blah.
Vintage baby and doll dresses on a clothesline above the washer and dryer.
A place to hang my apron and other sweet things.
And a bulletin board (on the wall between the laundry and the pantry) I made by painting an old frame that didn't fit in the hallway anymore and covering some cork with vintage fabric.

These two rooms are easily the best part of living "in the mansion". :-)

What's left to see? Jack's room maybe? Our bedroom is still a disaster. Maybe my giant master closet? The office is still a disaster too. I picked up more paint chips this weekend. Oy!


  1. I LOVE this space! SO fun and cute!
    Hey... I wanted to comment to tell you that my hubby and I hung this same IKEA chandelier in my twins's room, and it LITERALLY was too short for my hubby to actually walk under it. So we shortened it a TON! Here is a link to my blog, to show you how it turned out.
    Just scroll down on this post, to see the light fixture.
    It was kind of a lot of work, but WELL worth it, because it looks GREAT at the height we have it at now!
    Just a suggestion!
    Shelley Smith
    Here's the link

  2. Wow! I would love a pantry like that. We have a small one in our basement. I have to keep most everthing down there because I'm too short to reach half the cabinets. What a pain!

  3. How great is that? I love the chandelier in the pantry.

  4. Darling! I just love all your little touches. I can't wait to show this post to my hubby.

  5. i have the exact rolling laundry cart, and mine has a horrid mauve and blue fabric cover, i so need to make a new one too! it all looks fab~~

  6. Gorgeous! I think I'd trade in my hubby for a laundry room and walk-in pantry! LOL... just kidding of course. Right now I have a little closet for a pantry and a corner of the garage where I do laundry. We have plans to build an addition some day with a laundry... oh boy have I been dreaming.

  7. I haven't seen the whole house yet, but I think I'm in love with it! That pantry/laundry room is amazing, in so many ways. I love the cabinet holding your quilts, the laundry cart, the dolly dresses, the message board, ALL of it! If I had a laundry room like that, I swear I would never complain about doing laundry. And I just wish I had a pantry at all!

  8. I covet your giant pantry room! Love all the shelving. I also covet that green cabinet. YUM!

    I saw this on another blog today about that same IKEA chandelier and thought of you:

  9. What a great space! I think using some space for laundry and storage might be some of the most important space in a house and your's looks fabulous too!

  10. Wow Sarah -- all that space is amazing! You're a very lucky girl!!!

  11. Just wonderful. Supremely jealous.

  12. Diane3:28 PM

    Hi,that is so nice ,your are truly bless

  13. is that pure heaven or WHAT? So sweet what you've done to that house!
    I love the comment your friends husband said! So hilarious!
    Congrats on all the hard work....your grandparents would be so very proud!

  14. It has been such fun catching up on your last few posts.
    You sure have been busy with the house. It's looking wonderful.
    Gotta love that laundry/pantry

  15. Hey Sarah
    I recognize that little yellow dress on the clothesline. So happy that you love it enough to give it a place in your wonderful new home.

  16. Wow, what a great pantry and laundry room! I'm totally inspired to create something just as cute and inviting for my new home.
    p.s. I headed on over from Today's Creative glad she re-shared your creativeness with us!

  17. That is just darling. My laundry room is in dire need of some lovin' like that! So glad I came over from Today's Creative've given me some ideas to work with!

  18. I am positively green with envy! That pantry is awesome! I love all the little touches in your laundry... kinda makes it not so bad to do laundry!

  19. Your laundry room is fabulous! I love the vintage clothes hanging on the clothes line. It gives your room such a whimsical feel. When I redo my laundry room I hope it's as fresh & fun!
    God's blessings,
    Sarah :D

  20. seriously - that's just rubbing it in! ;)

  21. What a great space! I saw this same fixture today on another blog, She changed the top part. Thought you might want to see. I thought it was funny, two the same on the same day!

  22. Found you from TCB and I am drooling over your adorable laundry room! So Cute.

  23. Wonderful! LOVIN' your pantry and laundry room. Look at all that lovely SPACE! (And the chandelier just makes it FAB!) ;) Great job!

  24. Oh, your laundry and pantry are so nice and spacious!! Such a beautiful repurpose of the garage. It must actually be nice to do laundry... I can only imagine.


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