Tuesday, March 09, 2010


The weather has been really sunny and warm for a week or so, which has thrown me into total "nesting" overdrive. I've been painting like a crazy person every day, making little things here and there, and trying to finish up a lot of the little unfinished renovation projects. All with the windows thrown wide open and Jack playing in the sand box.

Since I am knee deep in paint, I thought we might visit a few things that have been thrifted recently.
Love this shade of blue, it's currently residing on the mantel.
I picked this up at the flea market this weekend, it was officially opening weekend finally!
I am pretty sure this egg is new, it has a 2007 date stamped on the bottom, but it sure looked like an oldie from a distance.
Last year I couldn't find a tablecloth to save my life after many years of good tablecloth thrifting (instead it was the year of the quilts). This year? Four tablecloths in two weeks. I will be sad if it is the end of the quilts though.
Also, it makes me laugh that I have to use magnets and put them on the garage door at this house since I have no fence and no laundry line yet. Makes for really great photos, eh? LOL
I did a SERIOUS happy dance when I found this tablecloth...
with the original tag still on it and 6 matching napkins!


A thrift store score at last.

Back soon with a few house projects I think. :-)


  1. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!LOVE LOVE LOVE! I'm so jealous I'm knee deep in snow but totaly have spring fever..What incredible finds!

  2. I have complete and total thrifty jealousy for that strawberry tablecloth...I haven't found ANYTHING good lately.

  3. Wow! You have had some great thrifting adventures! It has been nice here too but not nice enough to throw open the windows or to play in the sandbox... much to my grandsons' dismay! I will enjoy spring vicariously thru you until it comes here again!

  4. You always find the prettiest things. Happy Spring!!

  5. Wow - I'm officially jealous! Those are fabulous. Send some of your luck my way, please.

  6. Wonderful tablecloths. But, you knew I would say that...right? The last time I went to one of my thrifts, I dug in the linens looking for tablecloths amongst the new ones and the old bedsheets and towels. I pulled out three - one priced $4.00, one $7.00 and one for $20.00. Holy COW! If they want twenty bucks for one, that's fine, but don't throw it in with the old Sesame Street twin sheets. hang it up or something. Talk about disappointment!

  7. Oh wow, that tablecloth with the strawberries and gingham is amazing!! So now, besides calling you the Quilt Queen, it looks like I will also have to call you Pottery Queen and Tablecloth Queen. Or shall I just call you Queen?! You have the most amazing thrifting mojo! I can't wait for flea market and garage sale season to start here!!

  8. Lovely finds....I really like it all! The tablecloths are super sweet, though. I never thought about the garage door to hold magnets! I went out and tried it immediately! A good thing to know!

  9. Now that is some true Thrifty Goodness. ;)

  10. That watering can is making me woozy. It's fabulous. I like how you're introducing yourself to the new neighbors with the tablecloths on the garage door. Bet your old neighbors miss your photo styling.

  11. I think i just fainted after seeing these pictures and at the thrift store? Really- you have the thrifting touch! I never find them there- are you going to spill what you paid for them? I know that is rude to ask, but i did just faint so my head is not right yet.


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