Thursday, April 08, 2010

Buy it cheap

I was digging through photos the other day and I came across this before photo of our hallway:
It was SO SO dark and horrible.

Here is the hallway this morning:
Total transformation.

We opened up the doorway a lot. It was a regular sized doorway and now it is nice and wide (you can see the dining room there by my yo-yo lamp.) And the addition of a window (actually we added two windows) in our master bedroom made the hallway so much lighter.

Onto my chandelier from craiglist...
buy it cheap and ugly (this one was so bad I almost didn't buy it, it was seriously ugly)...
add a $3 can of paint and spiff it up! (And add a few black marks to the ceiling while you are stripping wires. ha.) It turned out WAY better than I expected.

Current chandelier count = 13
Bare lightbulbs remaining = 6
Craiglist chandeliers awaiting purchase tomorrow = 1
Number of hours spent trolling craigslist for suitable, paintable, cheap chandeliers = too many to count
Number of people who think I am insane in the chandelier department = I suspect nearly everyone!



  1. Well I must say this makes me not feel so bad about buying so much Martha Stewart!

    That is a crazy difference in the hallway! I had to keep going back and forth between the two pictures. Good job!

  2. What a huge transformation - both for the hallway and the chandelier! I like your chandelier obsession. :)

  3. what an amazing difference! it looks great!

  4. Thats a fabulous transformation!!!

  5. what a change! we are planning on opening up 2 doorways here, and though i love the chandeliers, they just wouldn't go with our house. sigh... perhaps when we redo a bathroom...

  6. What a great transformation! Light and bright always makes such a big difference for me. Dark places make me feel claustrophobic! And those chandeliers add so much more personality to a room than the typical, boring lights that everyone has. I'm still looking for the perfect one for the dining room!

  7. You sure brighten that place up! So beautiful!

  8. that looks great!! Love the frame collection. I have only a couple in mine and my family just doesn't "get" it but I love them!

  9. The hallway looks sensational now, so light and bright.


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