Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth day, again.

Happy Earth day everyone.

Environmental issues sort of wax and wane in the public consciousness. When I was in high school I was the "hippie" girl, always encouraging everyone to recycle, choose consumer products wisely and be aware of our footprints on the earth long before carbon footprint talk was cool.

It seems like nothing was heard about "earth day" for 10 years or more and now being "green" is really experiencing a resurgence. Even Jack's preschool class has been learning "reduce, reuse, recycle"!
This past year was a hard one for us in many ways. We tend to be big recyclers and reusers. But remodeling meant a LOT of trash. (Almost 6 big construction dumpsters, ouch). And loads and loads of "consumerism", with nearly everything being bought brand new in big box stores.
A lifestyle like that is certainly one we are not used to. It was tough to away. But with the terrible stink it was unavoidable.
Now that things have settled down we are back to old ways.
But it hardly makes up for the landfill of stuff thrown away, does it?
How about a few links to things that are environmentally related that I have read this week and found interesting?

This article on radical homemakers caught my eye. I am by no means a "radical" homemaker, but I have often wondered what the effect on our society as a whole would be if there were more people choosing homemaking as a life's work. For the record, I think there is no right or wrong choice, everyone does what they have to do/want to do, but I find it interesting to think about the many aspects of our world that are changed by being a "commuter economy."

This article on Fiji water was a REAL eye opener. I simply had no idea. Hospital patients forced to bring their own water to hospital while Fiji ships expensive bottled water to other countries. Whoa. Total insanity that is.

I also always like to give an earth day nod to freecycle . If you don't have a freecycle group near you, start one! I freecycled our old play gym yesterday and I can never say enough good things about being able to pass things along to people who want them (or need them) without hassle or trash cans.

The one change I had really hoped to make this year was to have our own veggie garden. We are losing the war on the poison ivy in the yard though, and I just cannot see the garden happening this year. We have to get rid of that stuff first. Almost half of our backyard is totally unusable right now.

What changes are you hoping to make this year?

*Jack and I spent the morning at the zoo. I was so surprised when I saw his outfit choice this morning, I could not have matched his clothes better myself. (His shorts are blue and brown and the shirt is blue and brown.) Not too bad for a 5 year old!


  1. Some things can't be helped, we had water damage once and we had to dump everything due to black mold,and all of my thrifted treasures dumped. I know how hard this is! What a waste, indeed.

  2. thanks for pointing me to that radical homemakers article - that looks way interesting!

  3. That homemakers article is really interesting. That Fiji article on the other hand is downright scary and saddening. We hear a lot about Fiji here, being so close to it, but nowhere near the full truth.
    And annoyingly our local branch of Freecycle has disbanded recently over some stupid dispute. We've received (and gifted) some fabulous stuf through it though.

  4. I'm still trying to convince DH that we need a compost pile. That's really the only thing. We already have our own chickens, have a garden & fruit trees (orange, grapefruit, tangerine, peach & apple), recycle a lot, use rags instead of paper towels, use CFLs... I have been thinking about making my own cleaning stuff though.

  5. Jack is so cute in his outfit. It fits him very well. Not bad Jack!


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