Monday, April 12, 2010

Junk and fences

One of the last big jobs to be done at the new house is a fence around the huge yard for containing our "wild thing."
So Dave and my Dad (thank God for Dad, we could not have done this without him), spent 3 days building the fence skeleton.
Now all we need are 500 cedar pickets.
This is a HUGE project, but also one area where DIY makes a HUGE costs savings. Just in case you need a fence too. :-)

When I wasn't shoveling up 3,000 pounds of dirt, I was trying to keep Jack busy. We went to the neighborhood garage sales on Saturday morning.

The pictures speak for themselves:

LOVE this squiggly blue plaid quilt.

I will take the rest of pictures of the linens tomorrow on my new laundry line! I hope.

In the meantime I will be washing 500 loads of laundry. Our yard is INFESTED with poison ivy, which got Jack sometime last week and now he has contact dermatitis on his face and ears from who knows what. Everything has to be Not.


  1. Poor Jack, I am just getting over poison ivy for the first time of many I'm sure this summer.
    For some reason I bought the real name stuff of cortaid and it worked much better than the knock off brand Ms Tighwad usually buys.
    Enjoy your fresh hung laundry. I love that smell!!

  2. My two least favorite words, starting with p and i. I had the worst case last summer. Poor Jack, I hope he's not too miserable.
    I envy that big privacy fence. I just found out our neighbors will be building another garage, in their back yard. I would love to have an 8' fence, so that my garden would feel Secret Garden-ish. And I wouldn't have to look at their dang garage!

  3. Hardwork , I loved your finds. Have a great day!

  4. Poison Ivy -yuck!
    Laundry-double yuck!
    Blue quilt-Wow!
    White chair bed couch thing-double wow!

    Please tell more about that chair/sofa/bed.

  5. It's always nice to come here and see all the things you put on facebook. The fence is looking fab and I hope the poison ivy situation is remedied soon. Well, as soon as you can get through all that laundry, right? I'm sorry!

  6. Anonymous11:21 PM

    Poor Jack! Thank god we don't have poison ivy here.
    We have to replace the palings on the back fence here, 244 palings = nearly $1000!

  7. Oh no poor 'Wild Thing' hope he is feeling better soon
    How wonderful it will be when the pickets are put on the fence.
    Have a great week - once the laundry is done that is!!

  8. what a huge task! But boy will it feel amazing when it's finished, talk about getting to pat yourselves on the back for a job well done!

    What amazing finds! I bet some will find their way into fun projects soon!

  9. We lived in our house without a fence and without the $4000.00 needed to build the house for about ten years. Finally, the neighbor on the left built a fence, then the neighbor on the right, then they guy behind us. All we had to pay for was the fron two sections. Not bad!

    Love the pottery, of course.

    Hope Itchy Jack is all better soon.

  10. Wow! Looks like you found tons of cool stuff. Sorry about the poison ivy -- hope the washing ends soon!

  11. Lovely finds - and it was me with the problem on commenting! And it was not enough signal at my mum and dads! Phew :)

  12. Oh, how I HATE poison ivy! Stop by my blog if you can. I just posted my 100th post and am doing a giveaway!


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