Monday, April 05, 2010

The problem area

I think every house has one room, or area, that is a constant challenge. In this house it is what used to be the dining room. When you come in the front door of the house you have the dining room immediately to the right and the living room immediately to the left.

How about a pre-remodel photo?
Pretty wasn't it? LOL

We are using that room as an office since we made the kitchen HUGE and there is plenty of room to eat in the kitchen now.

I have been REALLY struggling with what to do with this room. It shares a wall with the kitchen, so I painted it white. (It's hard to figure out how to paint a shared wall two different colors!) For awhile I thought I hated the white and put paint chips up everywhere in there.

Then I made a furniture change in the sewing room, which ended up requiring a furniture change in this room.

Think of this whole post in terms of "if you give a mouse a cookie", except use "if you give Sarah a can of paint". LOL
The wheels started churning and I think I finally have something workable in my head for the office now. Last week Jack and I painted this bookshelf that my Dad made many years ago. (Jack has been BEGGING to help paint and this was a good project to start him on. He did a good job too!)

It lived in the garage at the old house and it was in the basement here.
So, we painted it up and then we moved all the children's books onto it so I could use the other shelf in my sewing room. (This shelf is not done yet though. It is getting trim and doors on the bottom section. That has to wait a bit since Dave and my Dad are starting our fencing project.)

I was left with a BIG white space to the right of the shelf. This room has really only been functional for the person sitting at the desk, so I decided to put a chair next to the shelf. (I have a chair in the garage I think might work, but it has to be dug out from behind a bunch of my grandparent's stuff. Oy.)
Hmmmm, what to put above it? Right, those shelves I showed you last week that I am SICK of moving from one spot to the other.

I had already been thinking of putting a grouping of the shadowboxes together somewhere, so I put them on the shelves. Wander around the house and gather up a few things I love but are not being loved right now and voila!

FINALLY, something I like in this room! (That raggedy ann was my very first present when I was born.)
Since the shelf is all kid's books I found a few other kid toys to put on top of the shelf - old paper houses and the sand pail I found when we were cleaning out this house.
But now the butterflies weren't working for me with Jack's handprint flowers and his little family drawing shadowbox.

I have a ton of stuff tucked away that had just been waiting for us to move from a rental house to a "forever house." Now is the time to use it up or get rid of it, eh?

Into the shadowbox went the sweetest wooden vintage letters (thrifted years ago, hidden in sewing room crap).
Yeaup. Definitely making progress in the problem area.

Now onto the other side of the room!


  1. I just love all your little touches. It's all coming together wonderfully.

  2. It looks like it's coming together nicely. I really like the shelf that your dad made! You are very fortunate!

  3. That's going to be a sweet little room...

  4. It looks great Sarah! Do you fancy a trip to New Zealand and do a home make over for me.

  5. That turned out really cute!

    My whole house is a problem area for me.


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