Thursday, April 29, 2010

Two of a kind and some catch and release

The last time we went to the flea market I spotted a pile of my favorite quilt pattern ever, Grandmother's Flower Garden, from a mile away. I rushed over to it ready to sign my life away to own it.

At first I thought it was pieces of one quilt top, but, it's really a matched set. A small crib sized quilt top with small hexes and a larger quilt top with larger hexes for the big bed.
The little person one.
Look at how she fussy cut that purple fabric.
And the bigger one. These don't look impressive in my hurried photos, but each piece of fabric is spectacular.

She has fussy cut so many of the printed fabrics, like the one around the pink flower here below:
And here again with the clover fabric:


And the catch and release:
I have several quilts that I am ready to part with and before I put them on Craigslist or Etsy I wanted to let you guys know about them. You can see them on my other blog Clean out my closet . Just email me,, if there is something there you want or if you have a question.

I only have 2 places to store them all, and as new ones come in, some of the old ones have to go out! :-)


  1. I have seriously never heard of fussy cut...had to google it. I'm liking it!

  2. Oh I will have to check out your other blog, My clean out my closet is the store and with vintage I love that you can use it and then pass it on ,the best recycling ever!!!!

  3. Again, I just can't believe the finds you make--these are gorgeous!

  4. I had never heard the term fussy cut...such a good description. I think that is term I would like to use more in my vocabulary! Awesome quilts.

  5. I'm DYING to get a grandmother garden quilt or top. Seriously dying. I'm still up for a swap too. I have that lavendar feedsack and some other things sitting here in a pile for you. :-)


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