Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The annual burfday give away

I can't just let my birthday pass without some of the usual fanfare we usually have around here now, can I?

There is always the birthday eye candy-
I love me some Bret Michaels. I really do. But it is darn hard to find a photo of him that is not terrifying. Clearly I don't love him for his looks. I actually think he is pretty darn smart and funny too.

Since Bret is insufficient eye candy, how about some real eye candy?
Hmmmmmmmm, James Marsden. He would make a fine burfday present.
Sadly James was not at my door on my burfday.

I did get something I asked for (well, the only thing I asked for)-
the start of a cottage garden in front of our house.
Complete with foxgloves...
and some beautiful, feathery astilbe.

Plus roses, forget me nots, azaleas, jacob's ladder, lilacs, hydrangeas, columbine, and delphiniums. All that's missing for now is the lily of the valley. It's rather exciting to be making our own gardens. We never really bothered with that at the rental house.

And now, a present for *you*!
This is an old redwork baby quilt that has been kicking around my sewing room for many years. Since I am rearranging some furniture in there right now, I thought I would pass it along to one of you. (The quilt collection is just too big!)

It is WELL loved. There are some paint splatters on it, that big hole at the bottom and some of the embroidery is actually worn thin. (You can click to enlarge.)
But look at that hippo!

It's suitable for cutting, or loving, or whatever you want to do with it.

You just need to leave a comment, no hoops to leap through, saying you want it. I will have Jack pick a name on Friday.

P.S. Thank you very much for all the kind words. I have a metric ton of anxiety, but I am hanging in there.


  1. Happy Birthday Sarah! I hope you have a great day, doing something fun, like playing in that garden. Those flowers will make the perfect cottage garden!
    I would love to be the new keeper of that redwork quilt! I've been wanting to own or make a piece of redwork for some time now. This would be a great start to a new collection ;^)
    Have a great birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday!! I think it would make up a great diaper bag for Baby Scarlet...just sayin'!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Tina S9:03 AM

    Happy birthday! There is nothing better than birthday cake and ice cream so eat a lot. I think babies love it...just sayin'. You have been in my thoughts and prayers. I understand those feelings. We ended up with three children, one of whom was a wonderful surprise. Who knew?

    Love the redwork quilt! And really, aren't well loved quilts the best kind? I have a collection myself but, alas, no redwork. This could be my big chance!

  4. Happy Birthday, your garden is going to be an everlasting gift! I would use the quilt for a cutter I have a few grand-babies in my world and I am sure they would love something handmade. Hugs, Diane

  5. Your foxglove is stunning. Happy Birthday, friend. May is pretty special month for birthdays at our house too. I think my craft room could come up with all kinds of purposes for that sweet red quilt. Birthday {{Hugs}}!

  6. My husband would appreciate your love of Bret - Poison is his favorite band. I was sort of shocked when I found out because his personality is so subdued, so not Bret Michaels.

    Well, happy birthday again! Hope I win that wonderful quilt!

  7. Have you been watching the Celebrity Apprentice with Bret Michaels? My husband loves that show (although I'm pretty sure it's not because of the 'eye candy' haha).

    Love your garden. I can't wait to plant a few flowers in my barrels this weekend. It's finally warm enough!

    Happy Happy Birthday, Sarah! Hope it's the best one yet ;)

  8. Anonymous12:19 PM

    happy birthday :) and i have to say seeing your cottage garden is inspiring me to map out my plans for my front yard. the flowers look lovely! Thanks for giving US a birthday present on YOUR birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday! Cute quilt too. I love redwork. Always have.

  10. Happy Birthday :))))) I hope you have a thrifting windfall to celebrate ! I actually went to high school with Bret. He was a couple years ahead of me :) Nice guy!

    Enjoy your day :)


  11. Happy Birthday. I want it please. Thanks.

  12. Happy Birthday to you!!! Re: previous post...sending up a basket full of prayers just for you...Will not say congratulations until we see a picture of this little miracle...and I DO believe in miracles. Hugs your way...along with that basket of prayers. *elaine*

  13. *Puts hand up in the air*

  14. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Bret? Really? REALLY? Oh Sarah...Though James wins you points back for sure.

    The redwork quilt is totally my thing, not sure if you'd mail it to NZ but oh it would be super loved with me.

    And happy birthday!!

  15. I really do think that the old worn out quilts are my very favorites. Happy Birthday!!

  16. happy b-day! Count me in!

  17. It's fantastic! Gimme Gimme!
    Happy "burfday" I love your garden! Hit it with some Miracle Grow weekly and watch it thrive!

  18. A birthday! How did I miss that news? So Happy Happy birthday Sara!

  19. Sarah what a beautiful birthday gift. A beautiful garden that will flourish and you will enjoy it forever.
    What a wonderful quilt

  20. Hope you had a great Birthday, Sarah. That white astilbe is gorgeous.
    I think that redwork quilt is wonderful. It could be great reworked with a little red fabric framing each critter. Think of all the times this old thing has warmed some child. Sweet.


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