Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Time marches on

It's really summertime now. How can that be?

90+ degrees already.
And Jack graduated from preschool yesterday!

I had my doubts about him "performing" in their spring musical, but he did a great job. He was completely and utterly focused on the task and on getting all of his sign language* for Brown Bear right.

Of course, there is not a single decent photo of all of that. Dark auditorium + lots of moving little people = not a great photo op. Rest assured, it was wonderful!
When it came time to put his mortarboard and tassle into his "special box" he was quite reluctant to see it go already. (I am a little afraid it will be lost or ruined or otherwise.) So after graduation we both poked around in the box a little and walked down memory lane together.

Onward and upward to kindergarten we go!
My parents went with us to the graduation and my Dad brought us a huge box of cherries from his tree. Yummmmmy. I already have pitted a ton of them and made a Cherry Delight. (Which is calling me to it. Again.)
And then this morning Jack and I went to the farm and picked some beautiful strawberries.

(Which was such hard work I required a long nap this afternoon. Ha.)

Now we just have to wait until this weekend when the pool opens.


*Jack has been attending a Goddard School this year where part of the curriculum is sign language. They also learn yoga and Spanish. Not surprisingly those three things are his favorite part of the "learning" part of preschool. Our public school district decided this week NOT to offer a half day kindy program, so I am trying to get him into a private school for kindy. Hope that works out, as I have NO back up plan.

**Before you ask, I just do not want those photos taken to Walgreens and copied. We are related to people who do as they please with MY photos of my child and in my current state it makes me mad to even think about it. I hope someone at Walgreens will refuse to do it.


  1. I love the photos of Jack. Although, must admit, the DO NOT REPRODUCE sounds like an ad for birth control or like he is an evil spawn of some sort. Sorry, it just struck me funny. And, we all know...I am weird.

    He's a handsome kiddo, to say the very least! Congrats Jack!

  2. Congrats to the graduate! That kid is so darn cute!

  3. Wow!! Preschool grad...great shot with the diploma & cap...but why do people copy photos of other people's cute kids? So many odd things that go on in this world today...really makes me go "Hmmm??" Anyway, congrats to Jack! On to kindergarten!! *elaine*

  4. I have a very odd duck in my family only they don't care to even see our three kids, I sure wish family would come in a package with a warranty or a trade in deal! super cutie you have...
    the fruit looked so delious cherrys are 7.99 lb up here

  5. Best wishes with finding a new kindergarten. Congratulations to the end of preschool. Cheers to a wonderful summer full of more naps and fun memories!

  6. Congratulations dear Jack!

  7. The second picture of Jack in those shorts with his hat are so cute! And I have to say, I think the milkglass and cherries are my favorite header yet.

  8. Jack is so darn proud, as is Momma and Daddy I'm sure.

    Congratualtions to him!

    Remember you can pick your friends, but not your family. Unfortunatly!!!!

  9. Congrats! My oldest will be graduating from Kindergarten next week and also have a cap and gown. And I just want to say that I hear you on your bottom note. I have the same problem with people related to "us" (hubby). Too much disrespect all around. Now I watermark all of my blog photos.

  10. Congratulations to Jack. Such exciting times for him

  11. I was showing my mom the pictures of Jack's graduation and she said "How cute!" And she's absolutely right. Congrats to the big boy!

  12. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Pre-School Graduation, Oh Boy! From what you write he really is turning into a darling young man.I hope these years go slowly for you, as time goes by so quickly.I am "pro" nap, so take as many as you can get!


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