Wednesday, May 05, 2010

What Cheer Iowa Flea Market - Part 1

Let's go to What Cheer!

It's muddy. Really muddy. Bring your wellies. Or shoes you can throw away. And walk carefully. You will slip and fall or loose your shoes or generally have a muddy disaster if you aren't careful.
Look at how deep that mud is!
There is a lot of architectural salvage type stuff here.
And loads and loads of feedsacks. (Not the pretty printed dress type sacks, burlap ones.)
A beautiful iron bed (but someone had sawed off the footboard!).
There were several vendors with boxes and boxes of stuff, everything was $1. I found lots of good stuff in those boxes.
However, I did NOT buy this blinged out toilet paper holder. LOL
I bought quite a bit from this lady, and I could have bought more, but her prices were on the high end.
I should have bought that funeral basket for my hall table, but I was too distracted by that sweet little child's desk, which was the perfect shade of green and had little roses on it. (Totally useless though, and it was $65.)
And I LOVED this quilt top! Her "in between fabric was so sweet.

I am still mourning a few things I didn't buy - an awesome vintage rag rug in blue with a scalloped edge and a piece of a grandmother's flower garden quilt that would have been wonderful on the kitchen table.

Oh yea, and I have since decided I really need some vintage corbels for one of my doorways. But I didn't know I wanted those until Sunday, a day too late!

Back soon with what I *did* buy!


  1. Can't wait to see the purchases! I know all about mud and antique/flea markets. My rainboots got a work-out last month at our antique market, but it was worth it!!

  2. I love the basket and children's table! It's sad you missed out on the corbels- I love those! The bling laden tp holder is too funny. I'm exited to see what goodies you did come home with!

  3. I am really going to have a boohoo fest if the flea market gets rained out again this Sunday!! Other then needing to be hosed down because of all the mud, it looks like so much fun! That quilt top with the cherries is sooo cute, but I bet it was a small fortune. Enough teasing us with what you didn't get. I want to see what you DID bring home!

  4. I loved that desk but that was too much!! those $1 boxes would have been fun.... can't wait to see!

  5. I hate when I see something and like it but don't buy it...I always regret it when I get home.

  6. I have not-buying remorse too, lol.

    But never fear my friend, I will get to work on making you a blinged out toilet paper holder. ;)


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