Friday, May 07, 2010

What Cheer Iowa Flea Market - Part 3

The last of the loot from What Cheer.

I debated showing you *everything,* but I know that before I plan to make a trip somewhere I really want to know what people buy there, so here it all is. The only thing I didn't take a photo of yet are 2 burlap feed sacks (destined to be pillows, you will see them then) and a super sweet child's apron.
A chippy old mirror.
(Better detail photo, it's rainy today.)
The most important purchases were something that was on my wish list for this year - another medicine chest! I actually bought two. The one above the towel bar and the lowest one with the glass towel bar hanging from it. (It seems like a lot of medicine chests, but we have gone from 2 bathrooms with a LOT of storage to virtually no bathroom storage. This bathroom has a flat mirror and a pedestal sink and the hall bath has a very tiny vanity. Finally there is room for everything now!)
This Halloween mask was actually from the only antique store we found in Iowa. (Where are they all?)
Love these little pieces of vintage fabric from one of those dollar boxes.
This little feedsack dog was from a garage sale on the side of the road somewhere in Iowa.
These foil papers are actually florist paper for wrapping around pots. I see foil Easter eggs and Easter baskets in my future.
And a tablecloth and a toolbox. (There were very few tablecloths there.)

I like to imagine that toolbox stuffed with little flowers in glasses.

And then I remember the cats will eat them and barf all over the house.

It's a glamorous life I lead.

Happy Friday!


  1. I love the Halloween mask! Great finds all around.

  2. I think that Halloween mask might be the A&W RootBear.

    I would have picked up the little doggie too. He needs a good home.

  3. Maybe not glamorous, but fun. I like the puppy, too.

  4. I am crazy in love with all the medicine cabinets in your bathroom. How fun!

  5. Great finds. I love your collection of medicine cabinets. Very clever.

  6. I love the chippy mirror. And I think all the medicine cabinets look great!

  7. I think all those medicine cabinets and mirrors are AWESOME for that bathroom! Very cool!

  8. I love medicine chest's I would put them everwhere.... You came home with great stuff!

  9. I love your bathroom...its a vintage medicine cabinet collection!

    Great finds...gorgeous tablecloth!

  10. Yes, very glamorous. L always love to see what you find.


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