Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A fabric score

Because it has been so hot I have done very little yard saling. I decided to hit just two sales on Saturday morning, one of which randomly popped up in a craigslist search based on the street name, and which I wouldn't have noticed otherwise.

I knew when I pulled up that her "fabric sale" would be interesting.

She was selling her "leftovers" for $1 a bag. I went back again later in the morning and filled another bag. LOL

So what did I get?
A pile of ticking fabrics, including some vintage pink ticking that used to be garment bags. (I happened to find a tag remnant on one of the pieces.)
Border prints! My favorite things. :)
The print on this is made of tiny x's so it looks like cross stitch.
I wish I had yards and yards of this one. Love.
This part hurts a little. Tablecloths. With pieces cut out of them. Except they don't appear to have been "cutters". They are in perfect condition, not even tiny holes or stains. And she chopped pieces off them. Arggggh.

I am hoping it will make it easier for me to cut up the rest of them then.
Some fat quarters of 1930's repro fabrics.
Pieces of dish towels she had cut up. I am thinking coasters for the roses. There isn't very much left. (Did I mention she was scissor happy? LOL)
A mix of new and vintage flowery fabrics.
I am particularly fond of this one. I bought a bunch of new Japanese magazines in Chicago and this one is very much like the stuff I love in those magazines.

I did manage to buy some other stuff this weekend too. It was nice to find something to buy. I will try and be back with that soon, but kindergarten starts tomorrow and I have an OB appt on Thurs. I already have nerves and am near tears on both counts. Oy.


  1. Wow! What pretty fabrics!!

  2. I love the stripes. Maybe I’m in a stripe faze. Big hugs for this week!

  3. Your fabric is just delightful. Definitely a HUGE score. Best wishes with Kindergarten and your doctor appt. Hugs.

  4. You got all that for $2? Such pretty fabrics. Good luck at the OB and with kindergarten! I keep reminding myself that the calmer I am, the calmer JT will be. (We'll see how that goes!)

  5. I'd say you hit the mother lode! How come I never find fabric like that? Good luck with Kindergarten, it's a happy/sad day. I'll be keeping good thoughts on Thursday.

  6. Girl, you did good on the fabrics! It breaks my heart, too to hear she cut up good tablecloths. I can't even bear to cut vintage yardage to make drapes or a pillow or cover a chair seat. So I just collect the fabric.

    Let's trust the OB visit will go well. And you'll get used to Jack being in kindergarten very quickly.


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