Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Getting out of dodge

Since we have done NOTHING this summer, we decided on the spur of the moment to go to Chicago last week.
We stayed in a super swank (and yet crazy cheap) Hyatt that was so close to IKEA you could smell the meatballs. See it back there?

Visits were made to IKEA (of course!), Legoland, Mitsuwa for Japanese sewing magazines, and one of my most favorite flea markets in the world. And Jack got to do two of his most favorite things - swim in the hotel pool and eat at the breakfast buffet. That kid, he LOVES a hotel breakfast, lol.

Despite it being a 100 boiling degrees non stop in St Louis, Sunday morning in Chicago was so chilly I needed to buy a jacket at the flea market. A wonderful break really.
This flea is usually so full of goodies that I run out of money and space to carry it all home. Not so this time. :-(

I bought these three matching flour sacks, which are destined for frames in our bedroom.
A sparkly light fixture (upside down here) for the small hall bath where there is still a bare lightbulb and no room for a chandy.
And two rulers.

And nothing else.

I don't know if I am not in the mood for junk, have become extremely selective with junk since we moved into the new house or there is just no junk to be had, but I am CERTAINLY not finding oodles and oodles of stuff like some other ladies we know are.

Oh well, it was nice to get away from the drama that has become our life for a few days.

(And IKEA never disappoints, except it was SO, SO crowded no matter when we were there. Insanely crowded. As was Legoland. All of humanity was in the area that weekend I am positive!)


  1. I have a bear show in Schaumberg near the IKEA store this October. I would love to hit your flea market... could you possibly email me the name and address?

  2. My cousin just moved to China. When she wants to feel at home-she goes to IKEA. LOL. The Chinese go there because it is one of the only stores that has AC. They nap in the beds. Sit at the tables and cover couches and chairs. She said it was shocking to see people all over the furniture.Glad you had a break from the day to day.

  3. I LOVE those feedsacks. Definitely frame-worthy.

  4. Glad you had a cooler weekend in Chicago! Thanks for the link of "other ladies" made me laugh when I popped up!

  5. Love that light.

    Also, can't believe how many of those rulers I have passed up. Now I know to snag them for you and Heidi.

  6. Is that the big flea market you can see from the highway on the way to Schaumburg? I've never stopped there but always wondered.

  7. That little haul looks like the results of some of my trips lately. And I'm like you - not sure if I'm just being picky or if there is nothing worth picking. But I suppose *something* satisfies our need more than *nothing*.

  8. love chicago! it sounds like a great time :) and I love those flower sacks!


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