Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The inferno goes on

Yesterday it was 104 degrees by 1 pm here. Even though we have central a/c it simply cannot keep up with this kind of heat. As a result our bedroom is seriously hot at night. (We really need to add another a/c vent to that room. But that requires a bigger blower motor. Oh yea, and some kind of fan to the attic. And $$$$$.)

Earlier this week we bought a new mattress at Costco because I have been having serious pain in my hips and pelvis* (and neck and shoulders, and, and, and ha).

Our old mattress was still in our room, waiting to move to the basement if we decided to keep the new mattress. (Which we will be. After resorting to the old one last night I am a MESS again this morning. A gaggy, aching mess.)
I decided at 10 pm last night we should just camp in the living room. It was several degrees cooler in there.

So we did.

And since it will be another blazing hot inferno of a day here (AGAIN, when will it stop? hottest summer I can remember), I expect I will find Jack, clad only in pjs, camped out there all day long.

Which is just fine with my aching, gagging, sweating self.

Yes indeed.

Besides, how can you not love "the flowers bed" (what Jack always called our bed as a toddler) in the living room?

*Jack and I were walking every morning which was really helping that pain. Even early in the morning it is just too darn hot right now. Boo.


  1. Do you sleep with a firm pillow between your knees, Sarah? It really helps with your spine alignment. I got hooked when pregnant and haven't ever lost the habit.

  2. I’m so over the summer! So over it!

    But I am happy to report that I made a trip to Big Lots yesterday and only bought ONE Martha Stewart thing. I know! It’s a miracle!

  3. I hear your pain, some mornings I wake up and my back is so stiff, I really have to watch the way I sleep through the night, but I'm a bit older then you LOL just a bit. We are heading into a cool end of week maybe even rain!! I hope things cool down for you guys. Hugs, Diane from California

  4. It's been hot and humid here, too, friend. At least I'm not pregnant though. I do think it's our hottest summer ever here on the east coast.

    It is too hot to run or walk outdoors. Unless you go at daybreak or long after the sun is down. And then, really, who the heck wants to be out there in the pitch black?!?

  5. Hello Sarah, Have your ever tried a "memory foam" topper for your bed? They come in different thicknesses, and you can purchase them from Costco. I have arthritis and fibromyalgia fairly severe, and I found that the memory foam made my hip pain much better. Also, as previously mentioned, a nice firm pillow between your knees does really help keep your body aligned. I even use a small pillow beside my tummy/chest as it keeps me from rolling over on to my stomach which truly causes great pain the next day. Ugh. Anyway, perhaps one or two of these tips will help to make you more comfortable. Good luck! Oh, and 'camping out' in the living room sounds like a fine idea to me, especially when it can make for fun play with Jack during the day. Sometimes while reading about your days with Jack, it makes me wish my children were young again and that I could do things over and have more fun with them. I went to school and worked too much when they were young, and even though it was mostly necessity, I would love the opportunity to do things differently. Jack is so very lucky to have such caring and devoted parents :-)

  6. Well, the way you're feeling it doesn't sound good for What Cheer. If it's worth anything, it hasn't been that hot here. The forecast for Friday is 85°, I believe, and not as humid.

    Hope you feeling better soon!

  7. I heard on NPR (so it has to be true) that this July was hotter than the July of the first year of the Dust Bowl. I can believe it, too - it's been over 90 here a lot, which is unusual, and humid. Also a big fan of the pillow between the knees, as weird as it sounds.


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